Nigerian singer Buchi to perform in Malawi


In a bid to motivate and inspire the youth in the country, Believe Movement has organized a conference in Lilongwe where Nigerian musician Buchi will perform.

The conference will bring together youth from across the country.

Under the theme “Don’t give up on God, You and Others”, the conference is scheduled to take place from 17th to 19th August at Pentecostal Church in Lilongwe.

Buchi coming to Malawi.

According to the founder of the Believe Movement Nadine Rukatsi, the conference is aimed at helping the younger generation to realize their full potential using what they have and believing that they can be anything they want to be despite their challenges.

Rukatsi said the conference will feature various activities including music, motivational talks, preaching and games.

Among others she said Nigeria’s gospel reggae maestro, Buchi, will also engage the youth and inspire them through a talk session.

“We have also invited a Nigerian top Gospel Musician, Buchi to inspire the youth in Malawi, He will get to share his story and also talk to up-and-coming artists on how to go about making it big in the entertainment industry.

“Believe Youth Conference presents an opportunity to participate in a life-transforming event, developed and delivered by the youth,” she said.

Some musicians also expected to perform at the conference include Microphone 7 (from Zambia), Faith Mussa, Suffix, KBG, Mista Gray, Maestro, Sound the Trumpet and Ruth Kulaisi-Chikoleka.
Believe Youth Conference is an annual youth assembly that takes place at Lilongwe Pentecostal Church in Malawi.



  1. Nyimbo zake ziti; zachikale zomwe zija? Kodi ku Malawi kuno anthu amafuna azitibera bwanji? Apa ndichimodzimodzi kuti tiziti Mandede ali ndi Live Performance. Buchi anali kale and I don’t know if he is still held in high regard in Nigeria. Nde amalawi popeza tinazolowera zinthu zakale ngati kaunjika, tiyeni tipite tikamuone mkuluyu.

  2. I wz listening to the radio where I heard ths beautiful song sayng Jesus must b honourd n ma lyf evry dy yes indeed I agree kkkk most welcme Bucci the gospel z nt 4 Sunday morning alone

  3. Ngakhale kuti wachedwa nafe we used to love him pa dzana paja koma since anangoti ziii ife tinaluza hope mwa Buchi. Anyway he is most welcome to the Nyasaland platform. We are Proud of Buchi.

  4. Wow, Thats Man! I Cn Wait 2 See Him Live ( Jesus Must A Honored Must B Honored Must B Honored, Jesus Must Honored In Ma Life Evryday!!! Kkkkk If U Kno Dis Song Pliz Sing With Me)

    1. I was listening to the radio
      When i heard the beautiful song
      Said Jesus my be honoured
      In my life Every day
      Yes indeed i agreed that
      It is good to honour Jesus Christ…
      …I like his songs too

    1. aaaaah Buchi could hv come in comercial city man…They hosted Don Moen and nw they r tokng of Buchi…Anyway they knw wat they r doing

    2. inu aku BT olo kukuuzani kut show pakhomo its K20,000.simungakwanise.munazolowela kudandaulila zinthu..mpake zimakudusani.

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