Madonna opens children’s hospital in Malawi


U.S. Pop star Madonna has today opened the state of the art children’s hospital in Malawi’s commercial city of Blantyre.

The hospital which is called the Mercy James Centre was opened at an event which was also attended by President Peter Mutharika.

Speaking at the function,  Madonna said every child has a dream and stakeholders have a role to make the dreams of the children come true.

Madonna following the proceedings at the event. (Image credit: Madonna FB)

Madonna who has six children, four of whom she adopted from Malawi said she grew up without a mother and this made her to have a desire to take care of children.

“I grew up without a mother and all my life I have longed to be a good mother,” she said.

Madonna’s daughter Mercy James also spoke during the event and she hailed her mother calling her the bomb.

On his part, Mutharika said Madonna’s approach in developing the country by constructing infrastructure such as Mercy James Centre is commendable and will improve lives of children.

Speaking at the same function, Malawi Minister of Health Dr Peter Kumpalume said the construction of Mercy James Centre is an indication of cordial relation between Malawi and Madonna.

“This hospital is a perfect example of a perfect collaboration between the benefactor Madonna and her team Raising Malawi and Ministry of Health and of course which incorporates people at Queens Elizabeth Central Hospital (QECH),” Kumpalume said.

He thanked Madonna and her team Raising Malawi for constructing the biggest referral facility in the country through the Ministry of Health.

The minister told the gathering that the country has patients and among them children who are awaiting to be sent abroad for various medical treatments.

“Your excellency as you are aware we send patients abroad for referral and at the moment in the ministry of health we have 247 people that are waiting to be referred abroad because either we don’t have equipment or specialists in this country.

“Out of 247 people 76 are children and out of those 76 children 68 have a heart condition. Thus 89 percent of the children on the waiting list have got a heart condition that are waiting referral abroad,” Kumpalume said.

According to Kumpalume, such children can be treated locally as the country can have its own cardiac surgery centre for children.

“The 68 children who have a heart condition Mr. President need not to be on the waiting list. Heart condition for children is a condition that when treated early, the children recover fully and lead normal productive life,” Kumpalume said.
The minister then asked workers to take care of the centre as it is now the property of the ministry of health.

Among other dignitaries who were present during the launch include Malawi’s First Lady Gertrude Mutharika, Malawi Veep Saulos Chilima, his wife Mary and United States Ambassador to Malawi Virginia Palmer.



  1. Anthufe Moyo Okondana Tilibe Amalawi Ndalama Mulinazo Koma Kuti Tipatseko Azathu Ayi Chitukuko Ayiso Ndandzakoni Ovutika Ayi Chitukuko Chmene ChiKubwela Muno Mmalawi Mchochokela Kunja Pepani Amalawi Mulungu Azakulangani Thanks.

  2. Leave religion out of this.Madonna has done this country a great favour in building this hospital. What have your so called christians done for this country? Nothing!A lot of noises but no actions, kuba basi.As for being christians, all you people who pretend to be God fearing , you are the most evil . One has only to look at your behaviour and deeds.Well done Madonna.I hope she has employed people who have the country at heart!

  3. If we can have 4 people like Madonna Malawi would have been achieved so far. Thank you very much for your desperately helping my Country

  4. Thank you MAMA, not these politicians who r busy kuyika miyala ndi mmisewu momwe akuti tidzamanga kkk, miyala Yadzadza kumalawi corner to corner by these our so called presidents.

  5. According to Nyasa Times today, President Mutharika called Mother an adopted daughter of Malawi. A filthy sodomite who made a career out of showing off her body, who called for USA’s President to be assassinated.

    (Nyasa Times has changed its comments, so either you provide them your personal details via Facebook and sign in, or you comment as a guest but the Captcha fails every time, forcing you to either provide your details or keep quiet – slowly removing freedom of speech just like they did in SA)

  6. Those who give are blessed beyond imagination, but those that are busy cashgating this countries coffers to the 53rd anniversary leaving farmers and employees crying for low salary and no markets for crops to be sold to respectively. If you are one of them my brother you better start jogging to hell because there is no place for you in heaven

  7. Choncho but this puppet leaders of Malawi busy wasting money for unnecessary things , ulendo uno pitala mutharika vote yanga sudzaiona
    Wakuba kumamuona kuti ndiuyo chaponda
    Koma osapangapo kanthu

    1. Emmauel, Madonna hates God and part of her concert routine a while ago included her singing “I don’t give a f— if I go to Hell” while quoting Revelation to mock God and promote Satan. Do not ask God to bless that evil woman, she must die quickly and burn in Hell. She is a reprobate sodomite who made money by showing the world her body, and recently called for USA President Trump to be assassinated.

  8. Osati izi zongokhazikisa miyala dziko lonse popanda chenicheni chochitika. Madonna has walked the talk. Sono ma NGOs ajanso manyazi bwanji! Mwakaona ka Mercy m’mene kakuonekera tsopano- Mucharika kunena Muthalika.

  9. Maddona is God’s Angel sent to show mankind what God’s love is all about. Its not about helping yourself by exploiting others, but its all about using your God given talents to help the needy. Thank you Maddoma “ANamoyo” as one puts it.

    1. Michael, Madonna is satanic beyond belief. She openly mocks and hates God. Just because she opened a hospital doesn’t mean she is God’s child, she belongs to Satan. She is an extremely wicked human being.

  10. This woman got a hand of help ,its very Lear in this life to have pipo with such kind heart,God bless Madonna for this,,the Bible says ,it shall be given to those who give in regadrace of there doing

    1. Rodger, she openly stated she doesn’t care if she goes to Hell during her concerts. She has a history of blaspheming Christ. She is a whore who takes off her clothes to sell records. She is a sodomite who has lain with other women, let alone groups of men. She is an evil woman, look beyond “doing good deeds”. In Biblical terms she is a sodomite, a daughter of Belial, a whore, an adulteress, riotous, a blasphemer. She makes a mockery of Malawi, because homos are forbidden to enter Malawi yet she has openly kissed a woman on stage. If the government looked at upholding the law rather than cheap publicity and some money for tourism, she wouldn’t be allowed into Malawi in the first place.

  11. What is the meaning of satanic? Any evil act be it stealing public funds, giving false information, killing , and many evil deeds! Now building ahospital is it an evil act? Listen: an evil mind and negative attitude towards good act is Satanism at its best

    1. Daniel, you are confusing Satanism with sin. Everybody sins. But Madonna is an extremely evil person. Look for “They Sold Their Souls For Rock And Roll” online, see the footage of Madonna calling for herself to go to Hell during a concert. Check her video Like A Prayer where she blasphemes. Madonna HATES God, and bestowing blessings upon a child of Satan is a wicked sin, that makes you the partaker of her evil deeds. Loving someone whom God requires you to hate is a sin which incurs God’s wrath (2 Chronicles 19:2). There are people (God’s enemies) whom we are required to hate, not love (Psalm 139:21-22). Three times we are commanded not to pray for such people (Jeremiah 7,11,14). As for a negative attitude being bad, tell that to Elijah.

  12. Muthalika opens children’s hospital in Blantyre. Madona opens children’s hospital in Malawi. Minister of health opens children’s hospital in southern region. Lungu denies being Malawian. I am not Malawian- Zambian president says amidst doubts of his citizenship. Lungu who is being accused of showing dectatoria tendencies has dismissed reports that he is originally Malawian.

  13. Thank u Madonna…..apa chonchi wina walemba kale pa list 2019 campaign kuti tamanga chipatala cha ana mu Blantyre….

    1. Christopher, if you hang yourself you shall go to Hell (unless you already are saved).

      Do not measure poverty by how much money or belongings you have, measure it by if you are saved and going to Heaven + the souls you saved by giving people the Gospel + family.

      If you don’t know how to be saved and go to Heaven, read these verses (KJV or Chichewa 1922), in this order:

      Romans 3:12 – Romans 3:23 – Romans 6:23 – Revelation 21:8 – Isaiah 64:6 – Romans 5:7-8 – John 3:16 – Acts 16:30-31 – John 3:18 – Ephesians 2:8-9 – Romans 4:5 – Romans 10:8-13.

      Or if you are in Lilongwe, get hold of Pastor Steve Kambalazaza of Resurrection Baptist Church on 0995 108889. A genuine preacher (not a china one like the Pentecostals or Charismatics etc) who will show you how to get saved from the Bible.

    2. Christopher don’t hang your self kkkkk I will make a plan for you dear son . Keep cool kkkkk. I love your joke .

  14. Thank u Madona .I saw how u and ur kids danced.Full of energy.U ‘ve shown us that life is not about stealing public coffers bt using talent to care for others.

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