Malawi bangs heads with neighbours on protecting people with albinism


The first ever regional workshop on cross-border cooperation between Mozambique, Malawi and Tanzania on preventing and combating trafficking and protection of persons with albinism took place in Mozambique on 5th July.

The meeting was organized by International Organisation for Migration (IOM) and UNICEF in partnership with the General Prosecutor of the Republic of Mozambique, the prosecutor of Cabo Delgado Province and the Mozambican Albino Association (ALBIMOZ).

At the workshop, Malawi was represented by participants from the Ministry of Justice, Ministry of Home Affairs and Internal Security, Malawi Police, Department of Immigration, Ministry of Gender and Social Welfare and Association of People with Albinism (Apam).

Efforts to end albino attacks rage on. (Google images)

Speaking with Malawi24, Apam chairperson Overstone Kondowe said participants brought together situation analyses, best practices and gaps relating to the protection of the rights of persons with albinism as well as the prevention, investigation and prosecution of human trafficking-related and other violent crimes affecting people with albinism.

“All participants recognized the cross-border dimension of crimes against persons with albinism, in particular the trafficking of people, organs and body parts and expressed strong interest to develop effective formal and informal cooperation mechanisms,” he said.

Kondowe expressed hope that the Cross-border Cooperation Plan on Preventing and Combating Trafficking and Protection of Persons with albinism in Mozambique, Malawi and Tanzania developed during the regional workshop shall serve as a tool towards improved cross-border collaboration to fight crimes against people with albinism, in particular trafficking of persons, their organs and body parts.

The plan on preventing and combating trafficking and the protection of persons with albinism in Malawi, Tanzania and Mozambique seeks to provide a room to people with albinism of interaction and association in and outside this country.

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  1. Good development, but u should be real with that job because it might also be another plain of kidnapping people with albinism, your work might be opposite because money is satana, and corruption is killing us nowadays!

  2. Pls our government give hard labour to all criminal who kill our brother n sister thesepeople are the same like us don’t money dirty money from these people pls

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