Gaffar not welcome in DPP


Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) members have said they will not welcome into the party Member of Parliament for Chikhwawa Central Zaheer Gaffar Issa who is eyeing to join the DPP.

The independent legislator is under pressure from his constituents for failing to bring developments to his area hence he wants to join the ruling party to boost his re-election bid.

However, speaking to Malawi24, a DPP official who declined to be named said the party is not ready to welcome and will neither attempt to accept Gaffar into the party.

“I know Zaheer Gaffar Issa, he is not a developmental conscious man which is why his constituents are against him. Now if he is being chased away by his own people who ushered him into Parliament for failing to uplift them with various developments, can he manage to take through our party come 2019?

“Moreover, he just want to use our party for his personal gains,” he said.

The Chikhwawa Central Parliamentarian is also being accused of shunning meetings on development as he always give excuses that he is not feeling well.

On several occasions, Issa is said to have been absconding Area Development Committee (ADC) meetings despite several invitations.

“So come elections 2019 we need a new development conscious MP in Chikhwawa central,” said one of the constituents Elywin Khembo.



  1. Iv analysed both Nyasatimes and this article and come to my conclusion that I smell a rat somewhere that image tarnishing at play, they all say they interviewed ” Elywin Khembo ” in the 2 articles so they were both together these authors master minding with their Master (Bwana wawo) who wants Issa’s name to be spoiled n also not happy he joins Dpp

  2. Personally I don’t see any issue here coz in Politics I believe so these Politicians go where the wind is blowing, why osapita Ku PPM, Aford, PP cos he knows Dpp is strong from grassroot level to the top, so I don’t see the fuss is all about him going to a strong Party which is Dpp, who goes to a Party to lose

  3. A Abubakar Mdeza u not conversant ndi a media apa Malawi, is it really Issa anena heading yo kuti ” I want to join Dpp to reclaim seat ” kapena author, he wants to join the Party. U know Ena olemba ma internet stories just put headings to suit himself the author n I’m very sure they did not even ask Mp yo anything angolemba to please his masters behind this whole issue

  4. DPP Can not welcome Gaffar because he already said that he want to join DPP inorder for him to win again in 2019 general election, he was telling people about this, so far he is doing nothing to his constituency, so he just want DPP to help him to win again, he know that people won’t give him another second chance, so he want to join DPP with his selfish reseason!

  5. Kodi boma la Chikhwawa lili chigawo chiti atolankhani mwalembanu. Kapena ineyo mwina sindikuziwa kuti boma laChikwawa linasinthika Panopa likutchedwa Chikhwawa?

  6. Let him join Dpp as others are doing so, wamisala anaona nkhondo!!! Aliyense Ali ndi ka capability yache

  7. His an Issa not a Mia, just ma cousins I believe so, komanso gulu la Katsonga they were brother but different ideologies, I think author is being influenced by someone not happy that he wants to go to Dpp, I’m pretty sure so wants to tarnish image ya Issayo, truth will prevail but good move join Dpp not the crocodile party pls

  8. Kodi Mp apange chani kuti anene ndi wachitukuko, ma block akumangidwa, ma under 5, magetsi Ali kwa Tomali ndi Ndakwera komanso mu Marep phase 8 Ndirande ndi Mandrade ayembekezere magetsi, a Water for Pipo Ali mu constituency mwache kudzika mijigo, full primary 5 blocks pa Ndakwera ndi teachers houses, Akumanga Ndirande cdss, Police unit pa Bereu iri nkati yatsala pang’ono ithe, Nchalo cdss Headteachers house, Chimbiya Primary akonza ma block onse, maliro amakhala nafe, transport matenda akuthandiza, school fees, lero pa Nchalo TC Pali ka health centre mu nthawi yache n anytime full chipatala with ambulance with assistance Hunger Project, chachikulu kwambiri sanatithawe mu Constituency amakhala pa Nchalo full time, I think ngati sakuthandiza ndi zina mwaizi zanena ine okay siwachitukuko, koma ndekutinso ndima Mp ambiritu chifukwa akuyesetsa Issa

    1. U Are An Embicile Trying To Have Their Favours Like They Care For You. Get Big Fuck Coz U’re Fucked Down. U R A Big Fool

    1. chitani manyazi ndithu,amene wakuphuzitsani phunzo limeneli wakulakwirani ndithu,kumangotukwana anthu without a proper reason,mmm

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