Miss Blantyre, Hip Hop for HIV ties a knot

Miss Blantyre

Malawi’s prestigious beauty pageant brand Miss Blantyre has entered into partnership with youth organisation Hip Hop for HIV, which will see the two parties working together for a common cause.

Information provided to Malawi24 reveal that the organisations have teamed up in the name of enhancing lives of the youth along education lines.

Queen of Blantyre, Hannah Mhone, will in the course of the campaign play role model, in an effort to address the gap in school dropout among girls. She will also be an agent for behaviour change among the youth in the case for pursuit of good health.

Miss Blantyre
Mhone (C) to be an agent of behaviour change.

The partnership among other things aim at raising extra awareness about the theme song competition for Hip Hop for HIV, establishing Miss Blantyre as a face and voice for the project, encouraging girls through the queen to stay in school, identity, nurture and promote young talent while pushing for positivity, and complementing goals and objectives of the two institutions.

The partnership has been satisfactorily welcomed by members of both organisations and they believe their efforts will not end up in vain.

Mhone says, this will be cited as the best initiative she undertook, when her office time expires. As such she has expressed delight to be part of such a meaningful partnership.

Meanwhile, Hip Hop for HIV country director Victoria Masanje, has hailed the linkage saying it will ignite more youth excitement and participation.

Malawi is among the world’s poorest countries with alarming cases of school dropout, HIV and AIDS and gender inequality among others. Through a number of initiatives, concerned parties therein strive at achieving the millennium development goals.

Miss Blantyre and Hip Hop for HIV deemed it wise to be catalysts for change. Others have described their partnership as hope giving, arguing it has emerged in the nick of time.