Breaking news: Ex-Roads Authority CEO Trevor Hiwa arrested

Trevor Hiwa

The Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB) has arrested former Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Roads Authority (RA) Trevor Hiwa for awarding a K217 million contract to his own company.

Trevor Hiwa
Trevor Hiwa arrested.

ACB says in a statement issued by its senior spokesperson Egrita Ndala that Hiwa has been arrested today and he is facing the charge of abuse office.

According to the statement, the bureau received information in April last year that Hiwa and RA Director of Construction Sam Kadangwe recommended Hiwa’s company Infracon Limited to the World Bank to be awarded a contract worth $303,823 (K217 million based on the exchange rate then) for the design and supervision of various roads constructions in Central and Southern Regions of

Malawi without the approval of Internal Procurement Committee (IPC) and without declaring interest.

ACB investigations proved the accusations but Hiwa claimed that at the time of awarding the contract, Infracon had less workload as compared to other consultants in Malawi.

However, ACB found that the truth of the matter was that no any consultant was contacted to find out if they were free to undertake this contract.

ACB also established that Hiwa misinformed Kadangwe that Infracon Limited was cleared by the Office of Director Public Procurement (ODPP) and could do business with Roads Authority.

Hiwa is likely to be charged with failure to disclose interest in the procurement process contrary to Section 25D (1) of the Corrupt Practices Act and Section 19 (1) of the Public Procurement Act and abuse of public office contrary to Section 25B (1) of the Corrupt Practices Act.

*Additional reporting by Victoria Milanzi 



  1. These criminals should be tried in Military court, that’s the only way to end this corruption ideology here in Malawi.

  2. Zinayamba kale zamtundu uwu,,Boma kugulitsa ma company anthu a m boma momwemo ndikumagula kenaka kuyamba kudulitsa katundu,,kuipha malawi thaapsaa!!

  3. Its about time these muggers in the name of directors rot in jail. Money has always been stolen in Malawi this way. Its called fronting. Hunt them until all the big fishes are caught. Since independence people have been stealing this way and its time poor people benefit from proper use of money in our economy

  4. I’m here listening to “#Love_yourself” by Justin Biber. What’s wrong with this gentle man? Is his company not capable to do the work perfectly? Stop stigma.

  5. ACB, this issue is new, we need Chaponda saga ! It has instant evidence! Millions were found in his house, maize gate scandal ,what have you done please?

    1. Buthelezi Sichali to us its new but, because you know something, we comment as soon as a the information reach us, how could we claim as if we know, yet we are not aware.

    2. If it appeared in the recent newspaper, then its new! Chaponda saga isn’t new! It dates way back, but we had no evidence, so no point here!

  6. Selective justice! Chaponda, seven cabinet Ministers, DPP Official who used to work for Toyota Malawi bwanji amenewa amangidwenso!

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