Malawi Housing reverses plans to hike house rentals


Malawi Housing Corporation (MHC) has announced that it has reversed its decision to hike rentals for its houses across the country.

The state corporation last week announced a rental increment ranging from 80 to 120 percent on its houses, a raise that was described as exorbitant by its tenants. The new rentals were expected to go into effect next month (July).

But in an interview with this reporter, MHC spokesperson Ernestina Lunguzi confirmed that they have backpedalled on the hike to consider complaints by their tenants.

“Yes, I can confirm that we have withdrawn the hiking of the house rentals as earlier communicated until further notice.

MHC u-turns

“This is in consideration of the complaints by our customers who are saying that the hike was just too much to them,” said Lunguzi.

She added that the U-turn is not connected to the threat of demonstrations by some tenants countrywide who were angered by the 120 percent hike.

After MHC hiked the rentals last week, some tenants protested saying their income has not increased



  1. Government should just admit that it doesnt nave the courage to implement the much touted Reforms. Another example of failure by DPP to implement its manifesto.

  2. Orders from above ,Try & Era syndrome ,Malawians we shud stand up & fight for our rights & freedom ,otherwise akanangokhala pheee ma tenants a MHC the increase cud hv been effected kkkk

  3. Reversed the decision to hike by 100%? Then why did not they just increase by 50 or 60%?

    What kind of business decision is this? Won’t it affect their budgets in the coming years? Oh????

    1. You mean in 2019? That is too far. They need to make a business decision based on cost recovery atleast to breakeven. Oh

      If they raised by 100%, atleased they should have revised it downward to say 60%. So bad

    2. They fear to lose votes in 2019! Soon DPP wins elections the hike will take the real face! Now it is orders from up up up !! Shame Malawi Stupid Leadership!

  4. What the f**k is happening in Malawi? These u turns indicate that our leaders have no idea about the financial statutes of citizens. Now the hear that civil servants plan a national strike, then they want to pat them on their backs. What was their purpose at first and what neutralized that purpose now? Naughty leaders

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