Youth grouping moves to curb low turnout for national registration

Salima youths

Amid reports of low turnout for the mass national registration exercise in Malawi, a youth organization, Youth Congruence (YOCO) has encouraged secondary school students from Salima to take part in the exercise.

Speaking during the talks at two schools, Matanga Secondary school and Salima Secondary school in the district, YOCO manager John Kabichi urged the students to take part in mobilising people in the district to register.

Salima youths
Salima youths drilled.

“Apart from the career talks we organized to have with the students we took the opportunity to urge them to get registered during the registration exercise being conducted in the country, we tried to look at the importance of citizens to get registered and clear mist on the stories being speculated that the exercise is connected to satanism,” said Kabichi.
He added that stakeholders need to come in to help in the low turnout challenges with various messages that can help in changing attitudes of people towards the registration process.

The national registration that is being conducted by National Registration Bureau (NRB) in Malawi has been reported to have started at a low note with people shunning to get registered.

Established in 2015, YOCO aims at providing support in education needs for formal school setting of vulnerable students, psychological support through guidance and counselling in both academic and social behaviour.
The organization also pays school fees to students who need the financial support for their education with funds from well-wishers.