Ntcheu terrible accident survivor lands blame on police officers

Future Tours bus accident

One of the Manjawira accident survivors who is also an environmental activist Godfrey Mfiti has blamed traffic police officers saying their corrupt acts led to the bus crash.

Godfrey Mfiti
Godfrey Mfiti: Survived the accident.

Ten people died while over 42 passengers sustained serious injuries after a Future Tours bus they were travelling in overturned on Saturday at Manjawira in Ntcheu.

Mfiti escaped with injuries and he is recovering at Balaka hospital.

He took to Facebook to thank God for saving him saying he smelled death.

Mfiti however had no kind words for traffic police officers saying their corrupt acts led to the accident.

He also revealed that the driver was overspeeding and said passengers at some point complained about the speed.

In recounting what happened, Mfiti said when the front tyre of the bus burst and the vehicle began overturning, he held on to a seat in front of him.

The scene of the accident

“[I am] under recovery upon surviving the Manjawira terrible bus accident. Indeed the Lord favoured me. I was seated in the back seat. I only held my front chair tight as we overturned three times indeed I saw death. Can’t ask for more. I am having body pains but on medication on bed rest,” he said in the post.

According to the activist, he saw women, men, boys and girls losing body parts.

“Am worried of lost souls and disabled people who were once handsome and beautiful before 9:30 am on Saturday,” said Mfiti in the post.



  1. May their souls rest in peace and those on sick beds, recover quickly

    By the way Mr Mfiti, you havent elaborated on how corrupt the police are, in relation to the said accident

    Wishing you good health.

    1. I have read the article with keen interest but to my surprise, I have not found any line which is in tandem with the head line. Can the author elaborate how it happened to put the blame on traffic police officers. Is it the view of the reporter or the victim? Make a full account on the headline so that as a nation we can see what went wrong with our beloved brothers and sisters in uniform.

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