Misa Malawi elections today

Journalists will today elect new leadership for the Media Institute of Southern Africa (Misa-Malawi chapter) at an extraordinary Annual General Meeting (EAGM) in Lilongwe.

Misa Malawi members were supposed to elect their favourite leaders on May 6 at an Annual General Meeting which was held at Riverside hotel but the elections were cancelled due to some irregularities.

The cancelling was amid allegations by teams of both contenders that the polls had been rigged.

The accusations centred on the list of paid up members of the institution, which many believed had been tampered with.

The organisation has since released a voters’ list which has been approved by the candidates.

According to the outgoing chairperson for Misa-Malawi Thom Khanje, the members eligible to cast their votes are only those that were on their voters list by 5th May a day before the initial election.

Misa Malawi has been facing financial difficulties since 2013 when MISA Regional Headquarters in Namibia stopped pool funding for affiliates in the region.

The withdrawal of annual financial subvention from the umbrella regional body in Namibia means MISA Malawi has to fend for itself.