Malawi Education: TUM coaxes Secondary teachers for strike

Malawi teachers

Though they might be treated better in terms of getting their payments, secondary teachers are to join the strike to force government pay arrears for primary teachers.

Teachers Union of Malawi (TUM) disclosed that it is to hold a nationwide strike as government has failed to meet the teachers’ demands given through the Ministry of Education Science and Technology.

Malawi teachers
Teachers strike looms. (Library)

Among other things, TUM demanded that government should employ over 10,000 primary school teachers who are currently waiting for posting.

Speaking during a presser in Lilongwe on Thursday, TUM leadership disclosed that secondary school teachers are to join the strike in “solidarity”.

Commenting on the matter during the press conference, TUM treasurer general Ernest Chirwa said despite some secondary school teachers being paid their leave grants, they are to join the strike for being under the union.

“We are talking of Teachers Union of Malawi and them too are part of it, there are some issues that need to be sorted for them like others being omitted on the payroll, so we need to speak with one voice,” said Chirwa.

The leadership also pleaded to the government to resolve their grievances arguing the union is forced to have the strike because of the situation.

“The union is not there to call for strikes, we wish that one day reporters are to cover a positive story and not always strikes,” he added.

Meanwhile, all is set for teachers to down tools on June 5 to demand for government commitment on the grievances given to it some time back.