MPs are delaying corruption cases – Govt.

Malawi Parliament

Malawi government through the ministry of justice and constitutional affairs has appealed to Parliamentary committees to stop intervening in corruption cases arguing that they are delaying progress of the cases.

Minister responsible Samuel Tembenu appealed to the legislators on Friday that continued intervention by the committees is delaying progress by government agencies responsible for corruption matters.

Samuel Tembenu Malawi Justice Minister
Tembenu: Lawmakers are derailing progress.

Tembenu disclosed that he has received complaints from the Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB), Attorney General (AG) and the Director of Public Prosecution (DPP) on the disturbances made by the committees.

Meanwhile, Members of Parliament (MPs) have expressed worry on the slow progress made on corruption cases.

The legislators cited the case of former head of state Bakili Muluzi that has been in court for over a decade.

Recently the joint parliamentary committees of agriculture and public account summoned government agencies to inquire on the controversial maize purchase in Zambia.

Malawi is one the countries in Africa that have been marred with corruption in both private and public sectors.

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