Speaker Msowoya hits at DPP: it is defending corrupt ministers


Speaker of Parliament, Richard Msowoya, has hit at the ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) for its selective fight on corruption.

Msowoya took the swipe on the ruling during a whistle stop at Uliwa in the northern region district of Karonga.

At the rally, he asked the people in Karonga to count how many corruption suspects from the Democratic Progressive party (DPP) have been taken to court as opposed to those who are neutral or deemed to belong to the opposition and ask themselves if that signifies impartiality and seriousness in tackling the rampant corruption.

Richard Msowoya

Msowoya: Spits venom at the Mutharika regime in Karonga.

His comments have come at a time that there have been allegations leveled against Peter Mutharika’s cabinet that it has some corrupt ministers.

Msowoya told the gathering that selective prosecution by Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB) for those suspected to have been involved in corruption is why the ACB has credibility challenges.

He said: “lack of political will to adequately resource and free oversight institutions is why these institutions are not able to work professionally for the benefit of all Malawians.”

Msowoya further told people in the district to start making better choices and choose leaders who will not abandon them once in power.

“You must take 2019 as an opportunity to exercise your birthright, and this time around do Malawi justice by mandating people who will not discard campaign promises once in power,” Msowoya said.

He further told the gathering to start demanding what they were promised in 2014 and remind the office bearers that citizens are the ultimate bosses who hired them.

“Go back to your 2014 manifestos and conduct an audit on what the government has done to serve and meet the needs and aspirations of Malawians as per its promises,” he said.



  1. Andale mukugawanitsa mitundu ya anthu and mukapitiriza zopusa zanuzo Boma kenako lizabweretsa system yoti aliyense azikagwira ntchito komanso kukhala komwe anachokera nde enanu simafunako nde zikapitirira chonchi ndi xenophobia basi aliyense mmakwao chifukwa cha andale ngati inu ma awkward

  2. Eee anthu amcp wa anazolowera zakhanza ndichimozimozinso pano jelasi lakukulilani chilungamo mulibe. Iwe ukulakhulawe waiwala kuti uli mugulu lokuba matractor utiuza chani mchewa iwe.

  3. Heeeheendee! You are also in the same boat. You are among ones who benefited the government tractors which you misused the taxpayer of people. Palibe woyera nonse andale you’re the same.

  4. Ku opposition kani kuli anthu anzeru chonchi??? Kma siife tili mboma ntchito kuba basi,kunena zabwino,kulonjedza zabwino but on the ground reserve bank mmanyumba a nduna,,,,mapwiya uyu ndi anthu ake awa palibenso amatha….. Frm Thyolo.

  5. My question is at this point was he speaking as a speaker or vice president of MCP please Adm next time learn to recognise people , when he is campaigning for his party he is no longer a speaker

  6. According to Msowoya, it seems we have nobody we can trust cos the selective fight on corruption he claims clearly tells us that the MCP & PP are part of the theft & corruption which they never been honest to expose. This is purely serving individual & Party interests, not the People & that’s why it has become a “Tit for Tat” game.

  7. We’ve heard the Opposition mention of corrupt Ministers with no names for so long & this keeps many wondering if this has any evidence. The Tax Evader (KK) & his brother made so much of the same noise but never cameup with names & evidence.

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