NGO wants special account for mining proceeds

Malawi Mining

A non-governmental organisation working in the mining sector has urged government to open a special account where all proceeds from mining activities will be channelled to.

This statement has been made by   board chairperson for Natural Resources and Justice Network (NRJN) Kossam Munthali.

Currently proceeds from mining are deposited into government’s Account Number One, an arrangement which critics say does not benefit mining communities.

Kayerekela Mine
Kayerekela Mine: NGO wants proceeds from here to be channeled to a special account.

Munthali said currently Malawians are not benefiting from mining activities adding that mining communities have been complaining about their rights and lack of development in their areas.

He pointed out Kayelekera Uranium mine in Karonga where communities did not benefit from the mine.

“While we appreciate government efforts to consult the general public on how best mineral laws should deal with the sector, we want a separate bank account for these proceeds for easy tracking,” he said.

He also hoped that the creation of a special account will allow mining communities to benefit.

Munthali said government should address the issue considering how significant the matter is.

Meanwhile, NRJN has said it will continue advocating in a peaceful way to ensure the creation of the account.

According to Munthali, his organisation is doing this as a way of making sure that the mining communities’ rights are being recognized.




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