Mutharika’s government tend to ignore issues – analyst


A political analyst has said that it is the responsibility of government to resolve the Chancellor College impasse rather than ignore the issue as it usually does.

At the moment the Chancellor College is yet to open as staff members are demanding harmonisation of salaries for employees of similar grades at all University of Malawi (UNIMA) colleges.

peter mutharika

Mutharika: has been asked to resolve Chanco stand-off

Students from the college on Thursday held protests to demand President Peter Mutharika’s intervention on the issue.

Speaking to Malawi24, one of the political scientists in the country, Wonderful Mkhutche, said the Mutharika administration is fond of ignoring things.

“The present government is fond of ignoring issues. The grievances by the academia cannot be avoided or worse enough ignored and it is the responsibility of the government to find solutions,” he said.

According to Mkhutche, Malawi’s tertiary education needs to be put in order by government so that public colleges should open and close as scheduled.

Mkhutche said as it is, college openings are always subject to discussion and it is the best evidence that Malawi’s public tertiary education system is in a mess.

He added that for the problems faced in the delivery of higher education to be resolved, there is need to have an understanding academia and a listening government.

Mkhutche also noted that the closure of the colleges affects student.

“Such long college closures compromises the future of the students, as one gets into a college for education, time is an important factor, unfortunately it is not the case in Malawi,” said Mkhutche.

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