It isn’t us – DPP

Fr. Peter Mulomole
Fr. Peter Mulomole’s offices were robbed.

The ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) has distanced itself from a robbery that happened at the office of Public Affairs Committee (PAC) publicity secretary Father Peter Mulomole in Zomba.

The vocal Mulomole was reported to have had his offices attacked barely a week after PAC described the President Peter Mutharika led government as a leadership that has dismally failed.

Speaking to members of the media during the press briefing, Mulomole expressed dismay on reports of deep-rooted corruption in Mutharika’s government.

The sentiments angered the DPP which brushed aside the statement by PAC on the failure of the ruling party to improve the livelihoods of the citizenry.

Following the statement that was held in Blantyre last week, Mulomole’s offices witnessed an attack a development that led to suggestions that regime thugs had a hand in the robbery.

Dausi clears DPP from the robbery.

However, government through the Minister of Information Nicholas Dausi has denied sending state agents to deal with Mulomole.

In a statement signed by Dausi, government has sympathized with Mulomole but distanced itself from the attack.

“It is unfair to suggest that the crime was orchestrated by agents of government in response to the uncomplimentary statement by Public Affairs Committee last week without evidence,” reads part of the statement made available to Malawi24.

Meanwhile the police are investigating the matter



  1. diphiphi kudzinyumwa yokha isanatchulidwe amwene!!!!!!

  2. Who said it’s you Dausi. Palibe amene wakulozani inu chikumbimtima chakupwetekani mukuti sindinu wanena kuti ndi inu ndi ndani. Amati kujiwbuliratu kumeneko. Your days are numbered. MENE, MENE, TEKEL, UPHARSIN

  3. A Dausi DPP sinavomerepo kuti ndi chipani cholephera komanso kuti ndi amene akumapanga za maviolence mdziko muno. The panga wielding thugs in DPP attire and in a DPP went about pick up went about threatening people around BT sometime back but DPP gurus still disowned them. Kodi mukuona ngati Mulungu sakuona eti? Nthawi ikubwera pomwe mudzalire mowe.

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