Mzuzu going green: new waste management centre to be doing plastic recycling


Mzuzu City Council has said the state of the art Nsilo waste management site being constructed in the city will be ready for use soon.

In an interview with Malawi24, Public Relations Officer for Mzuzu City Council Karen Msiska said at the moment landfills, dams, sorting shade and perimeter fence have been done and what is remaining is painting the perimeter fence and installing razor wire on top of the fence.

Mzuzu City Council wants the city to be green. (Image credit:

He added that the project has also seen the construction of waste deposit banks along some streets in the city and sanitation facilities such as toilets in some schools.

According to Msiska, the site is a state of the art waste management as there will be among others, waste processing into manure   and recycling of plastics.

The city also expects to generate revenue using the site.

The project of constructing the waste management site has been done as part of $14 million Peri-urban Sanitation and Hygiene (PUSH) project which has been funded by the European Union.