Mayaya wants ‘nude’ Police officer reinstated

Malawi Police Officer leaked nude

One of the human rights activists in the country has condemned Malawi Police for firing a female police officer Esther Chiundiza over her naked photos which went viral on social media.

Billy Mayaya
Billy Mayaya: Argues the police officer needs to be reinstated.

Last month, the social media was stormed with nude photos of the Malawian female cop who was working at Chileka Police station in Blantyre.

The reports of nude pictures led to her suspension pending disciplinary verdict on the matter.

The Police later resolved to axe Chiundiza on allegations of charges of conduct to prejudice of good order and discipline contrary to section 52 subsection 1 of the Police Act.

In a memo signed by Director of Human Resource at Malawi Police Joseph Chambuluka, Chiundiza has been advised to surrender all government property in her possession to the police.

Commenting on the matter, a human rights activist Billy Mayaya has demanded that the officer should be reinstated arguing that her firing is a “mistake”

“Patriarchy accentuates the mistakes of girls and women. This young policewoman needs to be reinstated. We demand that she be reinstated without conditions. The Malawi Police Service should be ashamed for its overtly sexist stance!” posted Mayaya on his Facebook account.

Meanwhile authorities are yet to give a view on the demand by the activist.



  1. Olakwa ndi otumiza zithuziyo ,,,osati wapolice wamalisecheyu,chilungamo chioneke

  2. That is the problem that we poor voters suffer, injustice,equality. This lady did not potray the pics on facebook but sent to her so called chimdya makanda. Now this matter was supposed to be treated with care because everything changes in our bedrooms. Khala bwino means khanyula, now he who is the source of this bleach of privacy is the one to be held accountable and be punished. This is just a minor who was overstreched to win favor from boses, and she is not the only lady to suffer no! Top bosses are abusing these little girls this is one example of the results at the end. Mr President, Mr inspector General, should we say that you did not heard anything about all these abuses that you can intervene for the better motherwood of these women? And mr inspector general are you not ashamed that your dept is acting foolishly to punish your juniors because of private matters, are you human enough sir? If she was your daughter what could you do? THE MINISTER RESPONSIBLE FOR POLICE SERVICES ,THE INSPECTOR GENERAL, AND YOU ALL FEMALE MINISTERS SHOULD BE ASHAMED FOR FAILING TO SEEK JUSTICE FOR ABUSED WOMEN LIKE THIS YOUNG LADY. SHAME TO YOU MADAME MINISTER KALIYATI AS YOU JUST BUCKED BUT YOU ARE NOT TAKING ACTION STARTING WITH THE TRAINER WHO WAS SHAGGING THIS LADY AND CAUSE ALL THIS MISSERY UPON HER LIFE SHAME! THAT NSANJE HYENA PIPO WAS QUICK BECAUSE HE WAS A POOR MAN THAT EVEN THE PRESIDENT CAME OUT TO ATTACK A TYPICAL POOR VILLAGER LIKE HIM WHAT ABOUT THIS POLICE OFFICER TAKING ADVANTAGE ON POOR WOMEN SEEKING TO WORK AND HELP THEIR FAMILIES?

  3. but, why firing her? cant they dig more into the matter and find out what was the really problem. clinging onto the values without knowing the issue isn’t the solution to fire.

  4. just get a good lawyer and take these police baboons to court and it shall be well with you, pretty!!!!!!!

  5. Apa chilungamo chabisidwa uyo mukuti bwana kaya trainer wakeyo nayenso akatule katundu wathu. Tchimolo amachita anthu awiri ndiye ndiye nzimai yekha aone chilango? As it was in the Bible only the lady was taken leaving the man behind not this time if its to fire its both not sparing the man who is the archtecture of the sin.

  6. No no no, MPS sinachite bwino, let the woman work, reinstate her please, you know there is more into this, infact the woman shld just go to court and sue the MPS

  7. Yes reinstate this police officer she is a victim of invation of privacy. The wife if her supervisor should charged and put in jail for spreading pornography and her husband a police supervisor trainer at the college should be terminated for being involved with a student,

    It is this girl who is the victim and is continuing to be victimized by the Malawi Police and government,

  8. The officer who was going out with this lady,should have been fired as well. he is the one who was demanding nude pictures from her. osakonderana mabwana nokhanokha apa! zachamba! Nayenso bwana amanyengana nayeyo akabweze katundu waboma amene ali naye, nayenso yake yithe, to make it even and fair. Ndatha ine wolamula!!!

  9. I agree with Mayaya on this. The pics which went viral were in the first place not posted on the social media by her so firing her basing on what came out is tantamount to flouting her rights.

  10. I agree with mayaya. The action was unwarranted, incosiderate, unfair. and discriminatory taking into that some people in even iworse scenarios were left scott free. This reminds me of one of the former but scrapped MPSRegulations ” Female teachers that become pregnant out of wedlock shall be dismisses from the teaching service “. No wonder the regulation was indeed scrapped off from the govt. books!!

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