Activist says hypocrisy derailing tabling of abortion bill

Man impregnates his sister; says they are in love

A gender rights activist has expressed dissatisfaction over Parliament’s failure to table and discuss the Termination of Pregnancy bill.

Gender activist Emma Kaliya said Members of Parliament (MPs) had agreed to  one thing during the training on the bill and they change tune in other forums.

She said the MPs always say that they love their voters but in actual sense that’s not true because they could not have left women in their constituencies to be dying due to archaic laws on abortion.

Emma kaliya : This is worrisome news.

“The problem is hypocrisy. We need MPs who can stand on the ground to help our women out there by tabling, discussing and passing of TOP bill,” she said.

Kaliya who heads NGO GCN is one of the signatories to a petition asking the Parliamentarians to discuss and pass the abortion bill into law.

Some of the well-known activists who have signed the petition include Lucky Mbewe, Father Kalimbe, Senior Chief Lukwa, Michael Kaiyatsa of Centre for Human Rights and Rehabilitation (CHRR) as well as Darlington Harawa and Robert Mkwezalamba of Human Rights Consultative Committee, (HRCC).

In Malawi 70,000 women and girls terminate pregnancies every year while 31,000 get treated of complications that comes due to unsafe termination of pregnancy.

Statistics further indicate that 17 percent of pregnancy related deaths in Malawi are attributed to unsafe abortion.


20 thoughts on “Activist says hypocrisy derailing tabling of abortion bill

  1. The lifecycle of a human being starts rightaway when a woman gets pregnant that is by the will of the lifegiver who is God.Anyone born of a woman has no power over life termination,u activist stop!!

  2. Those Who Abort Choose To Kill But The Babies Are Killed Without Their Consent!!! Am Shocked To Hear A Grown Up Woman Advocating For The Heinious Crime Of Slaughtering Innocent Babies – Does Emma Really Understand What She Is Fighting For? Can She Immagine What Would Be The Outcome – If She Herself Wasn’t Given A Chance To Be Born? Let’s Advocate For Safe Sex Or Avoidance Of Conception!!!

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  4. Kod mulufuna malawi muchitenaye zotani? Ngati ku parliament mwasowa zokambilana mupange bill yoti mukatopa ukambilana muzikwelana.chifukwa zina mwayamba ukamba zopusa.anthu akuganiza zanjara wina akamba zochotsa mimba.nyumba yamalamulo yaulendo uno niyokanika kaya poti kuli wana akhanda okha okha.kuli magulu ana Tembo sizimafika potelopo ayi.

  5. Dont waste tym on stupid,satanism bill like arbotion.Wy pple ar having unprotected sex if they dont want to hav child?Iz thz wat u call God fearing nation?Dont turn the country into soddom.Shame

    1. U aright my bro,thz pple ar behaviour like animal mayb bcoz of xul or wat ,i dont how can u be in front of championing somthng that God said we shall not do?

  6. The wrath of God will soon come to you the gender rights activist it was for this reason that Lucifer was expeled from heaven mu dzina la ufulu amafuna kumupembedza Mulungu mwa ufulu wake osati monga Mulungu amafunira kuti tidzimupembedzera

  7. Exodus 20:13 say that thy shall not kill the human activist say thy shall kill.From this perspective we see that God’s Holy Law is being substetuted by Man’s law.In other words man has taken himself the position of God.Fulumira lapa nubwerere Mulungu asanachotse chounikira chako.Amen

  8. Abortion is murder – PERIOD!!!

    Notice though:

    1 – they say 70,000 women in Malawi murder their babies. If this is illegal, then how do they know this? Whoever is taking these stats, and whoever is treating the murderers after botched abortions is criminally concealing crimes (murder) and should be prosecuted.

    2 – So far I only see the scum Liars24 posting pro-abortion articles, using terms which deride those who support LIFE. On its SA counterpart News24 the anti-Christian, pro-murder bias is far more noticeable.

    So just be careful not to let the God-hating, pro-Zionist, left-wing, fag-loving media influence your thinking. See through the lies and the agenda.

    Malawi, if you legalise abortion, expect God’s judgment against the nation. The killing of babies + sodomy has ALWAYS been the prerequisite for God to send wrath and judgment in the Bible, and has always been the downfall of civilisations throughout history.

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