Fedoma happy with implementation of Disability Act

Simeon Munde

The Federation of Disability Organisations in Malawi (Fedoma) says it is happy that some of the provisions contained in the Disability Act are being implemented.

Speaking with Malawi24, Head of programmes for Fedoma Simeon Munde pointed out disability rights as one of the recommendations that is so far being followed.

Munde said government together with different players in the country are supporting Fedoma in the implementation by civic educating the general public to recognise the rights of people with disabilities.

“One of the things that l can talk of is the provision of inclusive education. I can say that in this area, it is showing that something is happening with help of different organisations,” he said.

He however called on district councils and other stakeholders to assist them in implementation of some recommendations such as social rights by allowing people with disability to associate with other people in different activities occurring in the councils.

Simeon Munde
Simeon Munde : We are making progress.

He also asked the general public to assist people with disability when they are travelling or crossing the road.

“We are also asking them to give chances to people with disability to work in different sectors,” Munde said

Munde   finally asked different organisations in the country to work hand in hand with Fedoma.

The Disability Act was passed in 2012 and it recommends that there should be disability fund, disability friendly institutions, introduction of learning materials in education sector such as braille, and promotion of disability rights among others.



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