Noel Chalamanda reveals his top 5 favourite local musicians

Black Missionaries
Black Missionaries’ in Chalamanda’s list.

As a matter of patriotism, the ex-mayor of Blantyre city has made a surprising revelation of his best five local musicians.

Noel Chalamanda was quoted as sharing the list in a live radio programme on Tuesday. Surprisingly, none of the country’s urban artists is included in the top five.

Appearing on 5th step of the radar is Blantyre based reggae outfit the Black Missionaries.

The group commands huge following nationwide, no wonder the former mayor included them.

The 4th position has traditional music champion, Joe Gwaladi, as its occupant. The ndinafa bulu hitmaker is among the best in his genre and he is also well known countrywide.

In 3rd position there is Sir Soldier Lucius Banda, the veteran musician who has been consistent since early 90s.

In 2nd position there is the Buffalo Soldier star Giddes Chalamanda. We cannot skip this legendary figure when talking about Malawi’s traditional music.

Noel Chalamanda
Chalamanda names his top musicians.

His best of the best is the duo of Edgar and Davies who comes on first position. Apart from sharing a profession with the duo, their traditional flavour charms Noel to give them the best spot on his list.

Contrary to claims that the charismatic former mayor of the commercial capital prefers the exotic over the indigenous, his top five answers it all.

Born and bred in Malawi, Blantyre city in particular, his country comes first.

Having surrendered his mayoral crown to Wild Ndipo last month, he now continues serving as a councillor for Blantyre City ward while practicing as a lawyer.

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