CSOs are hoodwinking poor Malawians – Analyst

Boniface Dulani

Amidst corruption that has turned to be a crisis for Malawi, a local political scientist has bemoaned the activities of Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) saying they are getting rich at the expense of poor Malawians.

The political scientist Boniface Dulani has disclosed that most CSOs are stealing money meant for poor Malawians by having substantial administrative budgets.

Speaking on the local press on Sunday night, Dulani said the organisations are stealing from the poor instead of helping them.

Boniface Dulani
Boniface Dulani : Slams CSOs.

“For just a project of one borehole, you will find that these organizations have bought five luxury cars that cost higher than the borehole and you tend to wonder that who is really benefiting, the organization or a poor Malawian?” wondered Dulani.

Responding to the allegations, Chairperson for the Malawi Human Rights Consultative Committee (MHRCC) Robert Mkwezalamba said the expensive cars are part of their recommendation from donors.

”It’s true that we use expensive cars at the same time we are questioning the President that he is using a luxurious car but for our case it’s different because we do write proposals and sometimes the donors directs us to buy expensive cars,” said Mkwezalamba.

For a while, some stakeholders have raised eyebrows on the projects being rolled out compared to the money given by donors.

The stakeholders have disclosed that most CSOs take poor citizens as oxen to pull donor funding from rich countries.

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  1. CSOs are far worse than Ticks or Fleas cos you get rid of fleas & ticks by a Pesticide but for CSOs, you really to wakup the People of which I doubt of that with Malawians.

  2. Our country iz lyk a farm wher pple can easily harvest from wher they dd not plough,political leaders ,csos evn religious leaders they pocketing frm the poor u can ask me wy if want to know

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