Malawi in crucial 2019 Afcon qualification group


The Flames should brace themselves for crucial qualification fixtures for the 2019 African Cup of Nations which will take place in Cameroon.

Malawi have been drawn against hosts Cameroon and Morocco in group B of the 2019 Afcon qualifiers.

The winner between Mauritius and Comoros Island will be the fourth team in this crucial group.

The Flames drawn against heavyweights in Group B.

The draw, which was conducted on Thursday night in Libreville Gabon, will see all matches of the host team count for the first time in Afcon history.

In this situation, if it happens that Cameroon has finished top of the group, the runner-up will automatically to the final tournament, with no other team eligible to qualify from the group.

However, if the host team is either in 3rd or 4th place, the winner if the group qualifies to the final tournament and the runner-up will be eligible to qualify as one of the best runners-up.

For Malawi to qualify, they must top the group and if they fail to finish top of the group, they must finish as one of the three best runners-up in the qualification phase.

The preliminary round will kick off from 20-28 March 2017.



  1. All we need is to finish on the 2nd position because camroon will win that group we will have an advantage as they will be the hosts they are already there

  2. Malawi… mayiko anzathu amapanga focus pazomwe iwo amatha kwambiri nkumaika dziko lawo pa map.. generally we know football simbali yathu a Malawi. we play just because it’s a global sport with a lot to follow… ife timatha ndi Netball. why can’t we concentrate on that and bring the best of our country… am pretty sure titapanga support Netball team yathu we can win a world Cup of Netball not Football alway put us on shame..

  3. Cowards die many times before death strikes them,and forwarned is for armed.It‘s in the books, the more you know how vicious your rival, the more you ought to plot for his downfall. Get up from slumber Flames.

  4. Mwasowa pobela ndalama et tingamakhale pano kumakambilana za frames mukufuna mupange footballget zausilu ife ai takana ……………….. Zachambazo pezan pena pot mutbele

  5. Miraculasly, unfortunetely malawi we’re losing everything evn if zitakhala poyera, mchifukwa chake ngakhale olo ku stadium akati mpira ndiwaurere enabe amadupha mpanda kumaveture. Lets support them so that they must loose with proud.

  6. Very gud question cos its not males vs females but there are nations who just disappoint and nyan nyan its irritating and at the end of the day they demand big moola for representing their countries.Rather use ladies team I know opponents will be leniant.

  7. Bunch of loosers – we play 11 against 11 why only us loosing each and every time. Get the boys frm secondary schools will suprise u not those old kamwendos is gogo now with no stamina pliz. Mw wake up this is new era. Utilise good players not names angry lion has spoken

    1. No am just making an example I neither support any team in malawi. I only support the national team. Our national team is a mess pliz hear me out. He is coming frm my region but he is so old and bench warmers where they play but when they come to national side the technical team and the coach select bunch of loosers due to corruption baba.

  8. Palibe chabwino apa… Tikangoononga ndalama chabe bt i c little we can do there bt aa za bho bho tidzaoneko Cameroon pa Bingu Stadium

  9. Even Flames itapatsidwa mwayi osakha ma team oti imenye nawo singawine or game imodzi.Striker akakhale Wadabwa??,Chiukepo??? hahahaha zomenyela kuopsya kwamaina koma mpira mulibemo

  10. Ndiye mwamvana kuteleko zokatenga nawo mbali mu mpikisano umenewu???.Mutidwalisenso mitima ndi mitu apa,ine mulibemo mmenemo.When it comes to football i’m not Malawian i’m a foreigner!!!!!!

  11. Ndikukhulupilira kuti matimu amene amapanga qualify amakhala ochepa kusiyana ndi olephela zomwe zimatanthauza kuti tilipo ambiri olephera

  12. mungouti crucial fixtures kod nd team yanj yot nkuluza ku malawi mzaka zino ngat tkuphopholedwa nd lesotho or manyaz tlbe mpira watkana ngat mkaz tpeze zina zochita mwina coach akhale Aniva

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