Festive season claims 23 lives

Zomba Accident

The festive period of celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ and the New Year saw 23 people being killed in road accidents, police say.

Zomba Accident
Accidents were just many in the festive season.

According to police, dozens of people also sustained injuries as they were travelling in various parts of the country in celebrating 2016 Christmas and the start of the year 2017.

National police spokesperson James Kadadzera said most accidents were due to overspeeding on the roads by many drivers.

Kadadzera added that most accidents were reported from the central region of the country.

This comes after the police had earlier on cautioned drivers to resist overspeeding arguing that the trend leads to accidents on the roads.

Speaking in an interview with Malawi24 earlier on, Kadadzera said traffic officers will be checking if drivers are on the roads without alcohol consumption as a measure to reduce accidents during the period.



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