Malawi’s women football match against Zambia free of charge

Malawi women football

The Football Association of Malawi (FAM) has announced that the national women football teams’ international friendly match against neighbors Zambia will be free of charge this Friday at Nankhaka Stadium in Lilongwe.

FAM’s Commercial and Marketing Director Limbani Matola has confirmed of the news.

Malawi women football
Womens football match this Friday.

” Our Women National team has not played a match at home in four years. But also this a first international match in Lilongwe in two years. So we urge fans to come in large numbers and support the team as it take a bigger step of bouncing back on the international scene”.

“This is a special festive season gift to football fans, and there is no need for people to pay. Let us celebrate as we are about to enter in the new year” said Matola.

The two sides met in February 2012 during the 2012 Women Afcon Qualifiers in Malawi.

Malawi won the match 4-2 at the Kamuzu Stadium but lost the tie 9-4 on aggregate after losing 7- 0 in Lusaka.

The team regrouped in Lilongwe on Tuesday after a two week break and coach Stuart Mbolembole said on Wednesday the girls are responding well in training.

At the moment, the Malawi national women football team has risen seven places on the latest Fifa rankings released last Friday and are now 123 in the World.

The team is ranked 22 in Africa and fifth in the Cosafa region behind South Africa, Zimbabwe, Zambia and Namibia.

The team last played in November 2015 against Tanzania in an international friendly match- a match they lost 2-0.



  1. Kumayamikila pamene zachita bwino kodi mpira wa azimayi wayambika liti pa international level koma pofuna kuika comment kumaganiza anthuwa pa international scene kuyamba kuonekela ndiye akafikile kuwina?Mwana obadwa lero amafikila kuthamanga?Women flames osafooka ndi anthu awubongo onunkha mwayamba bwino keep it up

  2. Tikanena khani ya football yokhayo chonde a Malawi tiyeni tiasiyire azathu amaiko ena chifukwa imeneyo simbali yathu. Let’s try to compete with other countries ‘corruption game’ because is what most Malawians do better & i hope we can win

  3. Kkkkkk kudzakhala kudulirana mikanda mu ground sidzinaoneke kkkkk iwish nditadzaonera mpira umeneu ndie kudzakhala kupindirana mabere mkamwa pamene amuna amapindirana ndevu mkamwa

  4. Don’t we have a pride name for this National Women Football Team? We have the Flames for men, the Queens for National Netball Team and I suggest we coin another one for these national women footballers. The “Hammers”? I guess someone can think of a better name. Mwinanso lilipo kale…..we can call them “Vindindindi” or “Earthquakes”

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