Ndau fired days after he erred on when Malawi had its referendum

Malison Ndau

Malison Ndau who has been fired as Minister of information and communication technology claimed that multiparty political system in Malawi began in 2003.

In a press release on Friday aimed at responding to Malawi Congress Party (MCP) president Lazarus Chakwera’s recent outburst, Ndau who was also government spokesperson said Malawians adopted multiparty politics through a referendum in 2003.

Malison Ndau
Malison Ndau: Now fired.

“We also know he is leading a political party that rejected democracy and lost the referendum call for multiparty politics in 2003. Since then, Malawi Congress Party (MCP) has never embraced democracy.”

“As a result of their anti-democratic ideology, MCP has always rejected the will of the people and any election results throughout 1999, 2004, 2009 and 2014,” said the minister in describing Chakwera’s MCP.

The minister may have been right in his claims about the MCP but his memory did not serve him well when he claimed Malawi adopted multiparty in 2003.

The referendum on reintroducing multi-party democracy was held in Malawi on 14 June 1993 when over 64% of voters voted to end the MCP’s 37-year monopoly on power.

Soon afterwards President Hastings Banda, who was the then leader since independence, was stripped of both his post of President for Life and most of the dictatorial powers he had held since the institution of one-party rule in 1966.

Last week, Chakwera blasted the current government led by President Peter Mutharika for failing to rule the country saying Malawi does not have challenges but failed leaders.

But in the response, government said Chakwera was speaking out of frustrations since his underhand tactics to get the presidency when Mutharika was leading in the 2014 tripartite elections failed.

The government further said it is a well-known fact that Chakwera does not have the legal grounds for claiming to make “State of the Nation Address” when he is not a Head of State.

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  1. Mr Ndau hop u recognise what i spoke to u that plz tell us where n is the stupid president?

    U answered on front of us the opposite answer. So where r u now kkkkkkkkk
    Know that what goes around its comes around its like see-saw game papa kkkkkkkk

  2. Vuto Ndi A president Akusankha Nduna Zosalongosoka Ndau Umbuli Ophatikira Nd Utsamunda , Jap Mhango kudzikaikira Panthito Yake Yotsogolera Anthu Akumpoto , Vincent Gandi Kujambulitsa Ma video Okwatana, Ena Aja 9 Cashget Ichi Ndichitsanzo Cha Kulephera Kwa Utsoleri Kwa APM

  3. Akuchta bwno MALISON wamvaa,,, unkabisa matenda aPresdent iwe,,, kumalepera kuuza amalaw zoona, ukamufuse GERALD VIOLA akuuza zaAPM,,, alibe 12koloko,,,

  4. plz take arrest ithink ure dozing,u was elected by pple or u steal achair from someone ure very dull man, or dream?


  6. Ndilankhulabe coz ndine mmodzi mwa anthu amene Ali Mmalawi koma Koma kunena zoona palibe chomwe chingasinthe akudziwana anthu wa ndipo enafe tizingolankhula koma aaaaah anthuwa nzawo nzimodzi

  7. To error is human. My thinking is in line with the saying that, there is time for everything. Once you have been hired expect to be fired.

  8. According to my own opinion ‘if Ndau was not drunk when responding to SONA then he is not a true citizen of Malawi’. It is laughable for information minister like him standing up telling the nation that multiparty began 2003…..on the other hand, Mr Ndau, “may you please ask your std5 grandchild on when multiparty bagan in Malawi?”

  9. Know you not that he is one of these common matchonas, he knows nothing about Malawi. and this is why we are walking backwards.

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