Msonda wants UDF MPs to lose seats over ATI


Politician Ken Msonda who recently joined the ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) says United Democratic Front (UDF) legislators should be unseated for refusing to support Access to Information (ATI) bill in Parliament last week.

In his reaction to the recently passed bill, Msonda said the UDF legislators and other independent Members of Parliament (MPs) acted foolishly by not supporting the ATI bill in the House and claimed that the MPs do not want democracy hence they should be unseated in the 2019 polls.

Ken Msonda People's Party Joyce Banda

Msonda: Adds his voice on the ATI Bill.

He added that the UDF MPs are supporting the land laws, abortion bill, and homosexuality bill which is bad because the legislations will work against President Peter Mutharika come 2019.

“The problem we have in Malawi is that we have a few misguided, uncivilized fellows practicing primitive politics with undemocratic line of thinking, specialized in telling lies. These narrow minded politicians dent the integrity and reputation of innocent people.”

“Malawi is slowly breeding a generation of liars, unfortunately people we put our trust to lead us mislead us by making us believe in their lies. The west should not force or push us to adopt some democratic values that took them over 100 years to understand and accept,” said Msonda.

He further claimed that when he was arrested for his push against homosexuality, people thought he was against the DPP government and now the same people are against Mutharika for the same laws.

Msonda then advised Mutharika that the ATI will not ruin his reputation and that of corrupt ministers and government officials since a team of DPP propagandists will spin secret information before it reaches the public.

He continued saying ATI bill is very important if used properly and says it is very dangerous if misused and added that in Africa out of 53 countries only four countries have access to information legislations.

Msonda who was opposition People’s Party spokesperson recently joined the DPP where he is yet to be given a position.

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