6 year old drowns


A six year-old boy died on Wednesday after drowning in Linkonkwe River near Ekwendeni in Mzimba.

Deputy public relations officer for Mzuzu police station Cecilia Mfune identified the deceased as Precious Mwanza.

Mfune said on the day of the incident the boy was with his mother at a borehole situated near the river.

Drown“While there, the boy saw his friends playing on the other side of the river and tried to cross over to join them but he fell into deep water,” Mfune said.

He failed to swim and he eventually drowned.

According to Mfune, the matter was reported to police and the law enforcers together with medical personnel went to the scene of the incident. Postmortem later revealed that he died due to suffocation.

Meanwhile, the police are advising parents and guardians in the district to keep an eye on their children to avoid such incidents.

The deceased came from Kaonasinji village in the area of Traditional Authority Mtwalo in Mzimba district.



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