Witchcraft bill not ready for tabling in Malawi Parliament


One of the much sought bills, the Witchcraft bill is not yet ready to be tabled in the Parliament, the Malawi government has said.

This comes as the parliament is being asked to table the Abortion and Homosexuality bills. These bills have been heavily condemned.

Minister of Justice and Constitutional affairs, Samuel Tembenu says the bill is still with the Law Commission which is still reviewing key areas of the bill.

Samuel Tembenu
Tembenu says the bill is being reviewed.

”The Law Commission is still working on it. When it is ready, it shall be brought here for tabling” Tembenu told Parliament on Monday.

On her part, minister of Gender, Disability and Social Welfare Jean Kalilani denied to be drawn to comment on whether the government is aware of incidents of people who have become victims on accusations of witchcraft.

When asked by one of the lawmakers in Parliament Kalilani joked ”Ask me outside please”.

In January this year, four elderly men suspected of witchcraft in Neno district were gruesomely killed.

The mob accused the four of using a man-made lightning to bewitch and kill their relative, 17 year-old Flora Kanjete.

Those who are murdered for witchcraft are predominantly elderly persons.

Malawi’s witchcraft Act states that “any person, who by his statement or actions represents himself to be a wizard or witch or exercising the power of witchcraft, shall be liable to a fine of 50 British Pounds and to imprisonment for 10 years.”

The Act is 107 years old and was put in place by Malawi’s colonial power, Britain, in 1901. Back then, the British rulers in Malawi had negotiated treaties with indigenous rulers resulting in the formal laws now governing the country.

Malawi has a 1911 Witchcraft Act which was enacted on May 12 1911 and premised on the belief that witchcraft does not exist in the country.

“The law was developed with an aim of dealing with trials by ordeal, witchcraft and the use of charms,”



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  2. koma mukusewerako ku parliament kumeneko kobasi ndipo mwatasako heavy…moti kumalandira ma allowance over nkhani zimenezi uhm chauta akuoneni anthu inu mukuzunza mizimu ya anthu ambiri

    1. Parliamentary system itself is a copy what are defending for here. That chairing system is boring too much. What is original in Malawi? Mr.President himself is fake.@armstrong Amstrong Kubheka

  3. So you aspects the Malawian politicians to table this bill,you forget kuti mfiti zazikulu are these politicians…..ndipo andalewa ngokhwima koopsyasaa!

  4. Ndizuta kuweluza munthu kuti ndi mfiti bcz such kind zimacitika mmatsenga exihibit yake izikaoneka bwanji? Komaso ofunika ndende yawoyawo cifukwa azikapangabe si mamuvu ankhalanawobe otambilawo

  5. whitchcraft,,,its a craft isnt it,,mybe we will be able to see this craft crealy,,coz i have never seen it i believe there is no wichecraft maybe one day if i see it

  6. remember wat happened to simon wa nyanga in the bible,so lets kip on praying to GOD than wasting much of our tym tableling the issue ku parlmnt nkhondoyi siyathu otmenyera ndi JEHOVAH THROUGH JESUS CHRIST who is above all.

  7. This issue is not worthy of discussing in parliament …let those involved get a solution for themselves. … prayer is a weapon

  8. Yap, the isue of witchcraft is real, they is witchcraft in this world in both developed and developing countries, rule and urban areas, I support the bill, the bill must be tabled, on the isue of homesexuality and abortion, these are the most idiotic bills which we should not waste our time to discuss about it because our answers for those bills is a big NO, we don’t want to see such demonic practice happening in this God fearing Nation, our answer is NO and will remain NO!

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