Trafficked Malawians to return soon

The International Organization for Migration (IOM) has facilitated repatriation of Malawian children who were found in a van by South African Police four months ago.

The Malawians are 57 in total but IOM will only repatriate 30 who are minors.

Ministry of foreign affairs spokesperson Rejoice Shumba confirmed that IOM has facilitated the repatriation of the minors and said they are expected back in the country on December 14.

Malawians were trafficking using this van.
Malawians were trafficking using this van.

Shumba added that the Malawi government through its South African embassy office is to process repatriation of the remaining 27 who are adults.

The 57 Malawians were said to have been trafficked to South Africa but investigations proved that they tried to visit relations in the rainbow nation though they had no travel documents.

A court in South Africa revealed that the 57 wanted to stay in the rainbow nation without proper travel documents.

Following the revelations, minister of foreign affairs Francis Kasaila said parents of the minors had a hand in the process of their travel since the country had no reports of 30 missing children.

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  1. You news 24 you are a rear!! This people where trying to cross border!! Not trafficking!! Please!! Do not air what you dont know!!

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