Bucci going international


Malawi Afro urban and RNB singer Bucci has been given an opportunity to export his talent through an international content provider.

The musician has announced that Trace Television has approved two of his music videos for airplay. Visuals for Goods Tender and Disappear have earned the approval.

Bucci is casting his net wider.

“So happy to learn that Goods Tender and Disappear have been accepted for Trace TV,” says Bucci

However it has not been revealed as to when exactly will the videos start airing on the platform.

This comes a few years since the singer and dancer came into the limelight courtesy of Ndefeyo Entertainment. With huge home support, the musician has been showing potential to represent Malawi at an international stage which has finally gotten down to this.

Malawians spoke highly of the lens products upon release which has been proven true by Trace TV’s nod. According to locals, the videos are good enough for international television.

Bucci will be one of the very few singers from Malawi to be featured on the international platform. He is therefore expected to make a name in as far as African music is concerned.

The video for Disappear was miraculously produced by award winning videographer, Sukez. It is among the best locally produced visuals this year.

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  1. Not all can love Bucci its NORMAL… enafenso zampira zimangotinyansapo apa koma we undrstand kuti ena amadzikonda and we respect that… Malawi24 keep on updating us…

  2. But to say true mwana amadziwa zoyenera kuchita all the best budy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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