SA releases Malawians from Lindela


The South African Government has released from Lindela Camp Malawians who were arrested for staying in the country illegally and had stayed at the camp for at least five months.

Malawi24 understands that all Malawians who were arrested before July have been released and allowed to go back to the communities.

One of the released Malawians told Malawi24 that even though the number of Malawians freed from Lindela is high, there are also many Malawians left there.

Lindela RSA

Malawians released at Lindela camp.

“I can say like half of the number of Malawians have been released today, but there are still many Malawians left there,” said a Malawian who has joined the community in Honeydew from Lindela.

He was arrested together with his friend in June this year by Muldersdrift police officers on his way home from work alongside.

The Home Affairs department in South Africa has since given the released Malawians 90 days to find money for transport and go back to Malawi.

South African government stopped deporting illegal Malawian immigrants staying in the country due to financial problems. It is said deporting one person costs the South African government about R4000 (K200000).

The Malawian government also recently told Malawi24 that it does not have money to deport the imprisoned Malawians.

Before the release it was reported that there were over 1000 Malawians at Lindela camp.

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