Visually Impaired people to be removed from the streets


One of the country’s organization fighting for rights of visually impaired people has said that it will soon embark on a campaign of removing visually impaired people from the streets.

According to the organization, Tithandizane Organization, the initiative aims at introducing the visually impaired people in the country to businesses.

According to executive director at Tithandizane organization, Haven Alfazema, the organization wants to give these people businesses to uplift their lives.

braiileAlfazema said it is always disappointing that a large population of people begging in the county’s streets include the visually impaired people.

He continued saying that his organization has a number of projects which can assist these people when they are out of the streets.

Meanwhile Tithandizane has organized a fundraising show to be held in Bangwe aimed at finding funds to support the initiative.

The show will be conducted on December 10 and it will be headlined by Lucky Stars.

According to a survey conducted by ministry of disability and social welfare and Chisomo Children’s Club in 2015, it was found that in a day, beggars can make between MK4, 000-MK8, 000 on a good day and MK2, 000 on a bad day, on average representing a monthly take home package of over MK150, 000.

Currently, laws of Malawi do not allow street begging.