Metrology expert warns of more rains: hundreds of Malawians displaced in Mzimba

Rains Malawi

As the rains continue to displace Malawians in the northern region, a metrology expert has warned that the rainstorms may persist owing to climate change.

The warning comes as hundreds of Malawians have been displaced by devastating rains in the area of Traditional Authority Mzukuzuku in Mzimba district last Sunday.

A visit by Malawi24 team found that roofs of several houses were blown off by the strong winds which accompanied heavy rains.

Rains Malawi
Rains to hit Malawi.

One of the victims, Joel Chirwa, told our reporter that the winds were very strong such that houses wouldn’t have stood the force.

“The rain also fell for close to two hours without stopping. The situation was beyond control and now we are rendered homeless,” said Chirwa.

A further spot-check established that several other places, including a police station and some churches were affected by the heavy rains.

In an interview, Mzimba district commissioner Thomas Chirwa said his office will conduct an assessment on the casualties and will come back to the media.

This comes barely few days after rains also wreaked havoc in Enyezini in Mzimba, where a lot of people were also displaced.

Commenting on the issue, a Mzimba based metrological expert, Amos Jere, warned that heavy rains may persist due to climate change.

“With climate change, rains are just falling without control. People must expect to have related accidents in these times when climate has changed.

“What I can advise is that people must not relax as anything can happen. In fact, it’s not only here in Malawi,” he said.


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  1. Wow metrolgy department warns of more rains due to climate change. Call me stupid but is it not the beginning of the rain season, if it were a drought I can except climate change,

    My hope is the rains do persist over the next 3 months so as to have a good harvest.

    People have to prepare and maintain and secure their roof during the dry season to not have the roof collapse or leaks once it starts to rain.
    Was it not 2015 where the northern region received heavy rains and flooding,
    Help me for I wish not to help myself, climate change

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