GG Car Rentals fined K34 million for duty evasion

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Malawi Revenue Authority (MRA) has ordered GG Car Rentals in Blantyre to pay over K34 million in customs duty and penalties after being found in possession of four Toyota Fortuners that were not properly cleared.

According to MRA, this follows the seizure of the company’s 10 vehicles, six of which were taken to Malawi Revenue Authority (MRA) Headquarters at Msonkho House and the remaining four were embargoed at BCA Hill as they could not be moved.

MoneyThe owner of GG Car Rentals, Gerald Ganiza, admitted that at least four of his Toyota Fortuners were not duly cleared by customs. Ganiza therefore stands accused of violating customs laws by buying and having in his possession goods that were subject to customs control.

According to MRA, Ganiza will have to pay duty of K26.5 million and a penalty of not less than K8 million for the four Toyota Fortuners. This means that he will have to pay a total of K34.5 million in duty and penalties for the four vehicles.

However, this amount is likely to rise because preliminary investigations by MRA found that the car owner is alleged to be in possession of 18 vehicles that were not duly cleared by Customs. A tax investigations team is currently assessing the duty and penalties for the remaining 14 vehicles.

Meanwhile, MRA is informing all businesses and the general public that non-payment of duty is an offence which is punishable by law in accordance with Section 134 (c) of the Customs and Excise Act.



  1. Tax evasion is a not-forgiven-sin. There is a saying that goes “two thing a person cannot runaway from are DEATH and TAX. However, there are a lot GG evades kind of firms in Malawi. And same people start blasting on government.

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