Airtel dumps Malawi Queens


Winning the Fast5 netball series bronze medal was not enough to convince Airtel Malawi to renew their K360 million contract with the Malawi National Netball Team (the Queens) through Netball Association of Malawi (NAM), Malawi24 can reveal.

In a press statement released by the company on Thursday afternoon, the decision to part ways with the Queens is to allow other would-be sponsors to take over the team as well as give room to other sports sectors in the country the chance to equally flourish from Airtel’s support.

Queens will not enjoy Airtel sponsorship again.

“We have now come to the end of the contract and Airtel, believing we have achieved the medium to long term objectives of the sponsorship, will not be renewing the contract.

“We believe leaving on such a high note will pave way for other willing sponsors to support the sport and take it to another level as well as afford other sports sectors in the country the chance to flourish from our support,” reads part of the statement.

According to the company, they are very happy with what the Queens have achieved in the last three years of the deal.

“Our objective was to help make netball flourish and now at the end of these three years, it is satisfying to witness our investment bearing fruits and our objectives achieved not only have our Queens reached their potential by breaking into the top 3 in the World and reclaimed their number 1 spot in Africa, but the overall local sport of netball from the grassroots has advanced to new heights in both skill and quality.

“And so as we exit the K360 million netball sponsorship, we depart with the conviction that we have not only managed to establish a stable foundation for the sport, but have also adequately assisted in raising the quality of the sport of netball both locally and internationally to what it is now including changing the public perception of the sport,” continued the statement.

NAM officials are yet to comment on the development. But the news will come as a blow to NAM who have been complaining of lack of funds to the Queens especially when preparing for international games.

As it is, the Queens have no official sponsors despite being successful in various World Netball tournaments.



    1. be serious, they hv sponsored the QUEENS and are sponsoring Aitel Raising Star for schools plus airtel money netball! arent they enough?

    2. Out of all those programes the netball team is ythe only one that is making the whole nation proud hence the need for them to continue supporting.
      I am an airtel customer n I will really appreciate if they put they profits where thje pride of the nation is.

  1. Siyani ma sponsership osapitundulisa,onani za anthu akuvutika,chakudya chosowa,mankhwala opelewera ndiudindo wanu inu ma company akuluakulu kuchitapo kanthu ku makastomala anu,,matimu amalawi satenga zikho taa,or mpira utasiyidwa malawi saluza kanthu mmalo mwake adzapindula chifukwa zithandizo ngati zimenezi zizapita ku umoyo wa anthu,,ganizani mofatsa

  2. Go to hell with your peanut money chifukwa choti Malawi Quees ikuwina?u alwayz sponser useles Flames kenako inuyo as officials muzikula zimimba kudya ndalama shame on your minister of sports wil help our queens team

  3. The headline is exaggerated …. its not dumping, its the end of their sponsorship contract ….. lets be proffessional wen reporting guys.

  4. Let’s Learn To Use Civilized Language!!! I Believe That Airtel Have Made Their Contribution!!! Let’s Commend Them- More So Considering The Realities Of A Harsh Economic Enviroment That Is Choking Industry In Malawi!!! Let Other Players Come In And Build On The Strong Foundation Airtel Has Left With The Queens!!!

  5. Nzosadabwitsa zinayamba ndi standard bank kusiya kupanga sponser fam cup kenaka carlsberg yasiya kupanga sponser the flames panopa airtel yasiya kuchita sponser ma queens next a tnm asiyanso paja contract ikutha chaka chamawa cha 2017.apa pakufunika ku user plan B.

  6. Chitukuko pasogolo xinaxi pambuyo mpaka 2000 note kwacha wagwa power uyuh big up airtel,osati company yigwe cuz of soccer.Ask max bullets cuz samapndula anazicya za mpila asaaaaa

  7. the results of tough economic times … much as airtel cud have loved to continue their romance, their accounts is not breathing that love anymore

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