Revealed: Why Luso TV chose Bullets and Nomads for football fiesta

Nomads vs Bullets

The station manager for Luso TV Dickson Juma has lifted the lid by revealing some of the reasons the television station chose Be Forward Wanderers and Nyasa Big Bullets to participate in this year’s Luso TV Bus Ipite football fiesta.

Nomads vs Bullets
Bullats and Nomads face off in Luso TV football fiesta.

Juma said the station decided to choose the two Blantyre giants to participate in the competition since they are crowd pullers in Malawi football.

“We chose Be Forward Wanderers and Nyasa Big Bullets because they are biggest crowd pullers in Malawi elite league. So we wanted a supreme hype in promoting our brand,” he said.

The station manager added that the two clubs are also the oldest teams in Malawi that is why they were selected to tussle in the Bus Ipite football fiesta.

“You are aware that Bullets and Wanderers are the oldest teams in the country and they are struggling in terms of transportation, so we thought it wise to involve the two so that one of them should have a new bus at the end of this bonanza,” he added.

The two teams will play each other in a two legged match and the first match will be played on the 26th of December this year whereas the second match will be hosted in Lilongwe at a stadium to be announced later on the 2nd of January, 2017.

“The game will be played in a two legged tie with the first match to be played on the 26th December, 2016 at Kamuzu stadium and the return leg will be played on the 2nd of January, 2017 in Lilongwe at a venue to be announced soon,” said Juma.

This will be the second time that Luso TV has organized a bonanza involving Super League sides as they did the same in 2013, a bonanza that was dubbed as clash of the giants and the teams that participated were Nyasa Big Bullets, Be Forward Wanderers, Silver Strikers and Epac fc. Nyasa Big Bullets were crowned champions of the bonanza after defeating the Nomads 4-3 on post-match penalties.



  1. Tonse Ndife Amalawi Palibe Vuto Tinkhonza Kusiyana Mateam Owakonda, Koma Ndife Anthu Ochoka Banja Limodzi, Anthu Opephelera Limodzi Ngankhalenso Ochezela Limodzi . Togather As One No Problematic

  2. Angofuna popangira ndalama apa, ma gates corrections for two games its more than 5 buses of that kind khaya tizayamba liti kupenya.

  3. maganizo abwino ofuna utukula masewelo km posankha ma team azikhala 4 kt mpikisano uziyenda bwino ena tatengelanpo chitsazo

  4. Bus imodzi ma games two ndiye zakuti zimenezo…. Apapa ndiye ma team azigulira bus okha plus iwowo apanga Ya ma bus five out of one bus…. Shame on you the organisers of this stupid event

  5. maganizo ndi oti matimu akadakhala 4 awiri from south and awiriso from central,ndipo timu yakummwera akadaiyika ndiyapakat kt apezeke ofika finals,komwe chomwe ndawona nchakuti ku LUSO TV kuli masapota awanderers ndipo kugonja kwa wanderers ndi bullets kuja sakupuma nako bwino,thats y akufuna njira yoti wanderers mpaka idzagonjetse bullets pofuna kufufuta zomwezidzchitika zija.BIG BULLETS fan

  6. Luso has given us two strong reasons why they chose these 2 Blantyre giants,yes they are crowd puller a fact without any denial but close looking at second reason the teams are struggling about transportation that’s why Luso organized the bonanza to iron the problem.Personally the reason is not worth to read because these two teams have sponsors..Why can’t Luso increase number of teams one from Central and the other from North,,,Still panali ka favour ndithu looking at these two strong reasons

    1. Pa central ndi kumpoto ma team ake ali under government they’re using our taxes they have everything they like.Just accept the development and more over they are Malawians too

    2. Mr Alick mwakamba zoona coz civo ndi yaboma silver yaboma kb ndi yaboma mafco yaboma ndalama zathu moyale yaboma mzuni yaboma sure auzeni anthu a msanje kuti amvetse zikomo brother alick

  7. Luso iz right by choosng rivals and these ar big clubs wth alot of supporterz jst lyk here in south africa there iz carling black label for orlando pirates and Kaizer chiefs and Macufe cup for Celtic and kaizer respectively every year.We cant talk of football in Malawi wthout Wandererz and BB so nothng wrong here i rest.Thank Mr Speaker”

  8. Dats true those r giants & zey attrack anthu ambiri ku stedium no wonder kut asankhe ma team wa,tingowayamika azathu apange participate bas coza mawa ndife tisakondwa poti tose sitingasankhidwe nthawi imodzi.

  9. Not Convincing, The 2 Teams Are Always Favoured In Many Ways Which Is A Very Sad Development For The Promotion Of Malawian Soccer. You May Not Notice, But The Impact Of This Behavior Is One Of The Factors Affecting The Frames Performance. Zitingatukuke Olo Pang’ono!!

  10. ”They ‘r the Oldest teams in the Country” pamenepo zamveka Bwana basi khalani pansi mwakhonza.

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