Mixed reactions on UMP Awards


The Urban Music Party (UMP) Awards ceremony that was staged at the BAT ground in Blantyre on Sunday has become a hot topic of discussion in the public sphere.

There is a mixture of reactions in the light of artists whose achievements in the year were celebrated with accolades in different slots.

The many surprises in this year’s awards have to a large extent fuelled debate on who should have been recognised and not. Public figures in the local art industry have joined the general public in the battle for arguments on the outcome of the UMP.

Malinga Mafia, Suffix and Martse pose in that order after receiving their awards.

DJ Nathan Tunes who was awarded the best Club DJ of the year on Tuesday took to social media in expressing dissatisfaction over the awards. He mentioned artists who were more deserving to be awarded but got defeated by minnows.

“Disappointed that Charisma, Theo Thompson and Bucci, didn’t win an award, these guys worked so hard this year,” wrote Nathan

According to the DJ who is also a brother to Bucci, the aforementioned musicians should have won in their respective categories. He said Theo Thompson deserved the best RnB and artist of the year awards, Charisma as best new artist and his brother Bucci for album of the year.

However online journalist and Power Ink PR Chief Executive Officer Thomas Siveliwa has faulted those questioning the results for allowing emotions to affect their reasoning.

In an interview with Malawi24 yesterday, he said people are making all sorts of negative claims out of hatred.

“Those that feel some artists weren’t supposed to win are merely saying it out of hatred. This year the competition was tough and it goes back to Ndefeyo for credit. One advice to artist from this year’s awards is if they get nominated they shouldn’t sit back, relax and wait for a miracle, miracles don’t happen nowadays. This year most of the artists that won went full throttle to campaign for their fate this is what our small industry needs to grow,” said Siveliwa

He added that the sung heroes in the awards, deserved credit for their contributions in the local music industry this year.

Siveliwa also saluted Ndefeyo Entertainment for worth the clap organisation of the ceremony.

One of the artists whose success is being question, is Jay Jay C who went ahead of Purple C, Kelvin Sings, Charisma and Ril B to win the best new artist award.



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