Abortion bill: Catholic Church against it


Roman Catholic Church faithfuls in Malawi have been urged to stand firm against abortion bill.

The call was made by President of the Episcopal Conference of Malawi, Archbishop Thomas Luke Msusa of Blantyre Archdiocese in Karonga over the weekend during a service to bid farewell to Cardinal Fernando Filoni who visited Malawi as a special envoy of Pope Francis.

Bishop Luke Msusa
Bishop  Msusa: Has made the call.

Msusa said the Catholic Church does not support the abortion bill since it respects the sanctity of life in the womb.

He has since challenged the Catholic faithful to stand firm against those advocating for the proposed legislation.

Some Malawians and other organisations in the country are advocating the Termination of Pregnancy Bill, which will grant rights to women in the country to abort their pregnancies.

In his words, special envoy of Pope Francis Cardinal Fernando Filoni expressed joy for the growth of the church in Karonga.

“Today we conclude the initial phase in the development of this young Diocese, which started just six years ago with its creation and the naming of its first Diocesan Bishop, all in response to the steady growth of the Church in this part of Malawi. I am happy to see that, since then, growth has continued, particularly in the number of baptisms and seminarians. This is the result of your dedication to the work of evangelization and your care for the youth and the poor,” the Cardinal said.

The service was attended by Vice President Saulos Chilima, political party leaders, church leaders and others from across the country.

99 thoughts on “Abortion bill: Catholic Church against it

  1. I always feel frabagasted when u say malawi is a God fearing nation,STOP,i see no godly fruits frm malawi,kamba ka machimo anuwo thus y mukumana ndi mavuto onsewo,seek the kingdom of God frst,then thngs shall be ok 4 my poor nation!

  2. Zikomokwambili ma bishop anthu,abale anga kodi simuziwa kuti kuchosa mimba ndi kupha ndipoyese opanga zimenezi mkazi kaya ndi doctor kaya mwawuna azayakha mulandu wakupha pamaso pa mulungu apulezident samalani musayelekeze dalara kuvomeleza kuchotsa mimba ntchimo mulungu azakulangani

  3. Dziko likupita kumapeto koma amayi ziwani ichi kupha mwana osalakwa ndi chimo kwambiri kwa mulungu

  4. PETULO ine zopusa zakozo ukachitire dziko lina osati uwononge Malawi owopa Mulunguyu ngati kuli kukulira mmaiko ena oipawa kuli bwino utisiire Malawi wathu mwantendere Mulungu akuzindikilitse chiwonadi

  5. Zoonadi, the world is coming to an end. Gay marriages! abortion being ligalised, yoo! But all these must happen to fulfill the word of God with its prophecies. God doesn’t lie

  6. Let me warn you Malawians, if you will allow some evil bills to pass in the parliament, this kind of government will gonna endup ruled by the devil. In all its forms, I’m so disappointed, with these aspirations. Some of you, indeed stand here & supporting this bill to pass what kind of the people are you??? Where are you coming from??

  7. Wow!! what a shame on Malawi now, sure you want to encourage people to kill??? You think there is necessary boy or girl?? Where did aman come from?? or awoman come from??? Uthink you are solving the problem by killing???

  8. Amene akulimbikitsa abortioniwo are sent by devil cz d bible says usaphe Iwo akut iphani, koma don’t wry izi ndi zizindikiro zamatsiku otsiriza now devil z at work koma let’s stand in Christ Jesus

  9. This is foolishness beyond control,who introduced this fucken bill? is this the same malawi we know? that behaviour with us is not appropiate,somebody who introduced this bill,firstly he was supposed to be sory for himself that he is alive today,without her mum to let him born to this world,he wasn’t to spoke all this nonsense.You don’t have the right to hinder un born babies,the right solution you can tell us is to stop marrying each other,if it can happen and not to abort,why killing?

  10. Funny how some of you support this hypocrisy by the Roman Catholic Church to stand firm against abortion when the practice is legal in Vatican. Before you hail the RC Church check facts. Abortion is allowed in Vatican the home of the Catholic Church world over. Check countries that allow abortion, Vatican is there

  11. Ma MP Ayambau Ndi Uchitsilu.Moti Adzilandila Ma Alawas Pokambilana Za Uchitsiluzi?Moti Azipani Zotsutsa Avomelezanawo Zauchitsiluzi? Moti Nduna Zose Zivomeleza Zauchitsiluzi?Moti President Asainila Za Uchitsiluzi?Amene Avomeleze Kapena Asainile Uchitsilu Umenewu Ndichitsilu.

  12. Anthuwa Zikusonyeza Kuti Mzeru Zaumunthu Anazisiya Mmimba Mwamawo Pomwe Amkabadwa, Kukanakhala Kt Anabadwa Ndiumunthu Sakadamakambirana Zamkutu Ngat Zimenezi, Kd Akanakhala Kt Amawo Ndi Atate Awo Atapatsana Mimba Yomwe Iwo Anabadwayo Adakagwilizana Zotaya Kd Bwezi Lero Akulankhula Motumbwa Chonchi? .Anthu Apamipandowa Ndi Akuluakulu Mitu Kma Amangoganiza Ngati Somba Yamchibekete Kut Ilibe Mutu.Andikwiitsa Kwambiri…

  13. Ma MP Ayambaku NdiKukambilana Zopusa Kumatha Nthawi Kukambilana Sopusazi?Misonkhoyathu Idziwonongekela Zopusazi?Moti Peter Adzasainila Zopusazi?Amene Adzasainile Zopusazi Nayeso Ndiopusa.

  14. Akufuna michombo ya ana azipangira a satanic. Amene wayambitsa bill imeneyo asayiwale kuti naye mayi ake amkafuna kumutaya

  15. Thanks Trump has won. No funding for these useless stupid NGOs supporting gay rights and abortion and secular humanism. Trapence, Thindwa and friends akagwere uko.

  16. This is a great bill. People who can only back up their stance on abortion with “God” are incapable of understanding the benefits of this law. This is a secular Nation. Get over it!

    1. Teach and encourage your own daughter to enjoy the benefits of abortion. As for our daughters we will try to make the understand morals and avoid unwanted pregnancy. There is no safe abortion I’ve worked in the abortion clinic for long time. That delicate place is meant for those speculums and curratages. Don’t cheat lay people. OBGYNs who support it support it for money because an abortion clinic is easy lucrative business.

    2. Willes Bitoni it’s very nice to hear a first hand account of what goes on on in the clinics. There are in fact safe abortions and that’s what Malawi needs. The bill stipulates that there are conditions that need to be satisfied for an abortion to take place such as rape or threat to the health of the mother. There is a stigma in Malawi that leaves women vulnerable to exploitation. This bill protects them.

    3. Willes Bitoni I will in fact teach my daughters to know their bodies and allow them to make informed choices, and if they want to have sex I’ll inform them of the consequences and the right way to protect themselves.

    4. Clive Chiudzu how many girls visit an abortion clinic because they’ve been raped. Our laws already takes care of women with pregnancies that are a threat to their health. This bill is something else. Unfortunately you seem not to know the big picture.

    5. Willes Bitoni I assume you know the big picture then. I mean I am just a law student and you’ve worked in the clinics. Section 243 of the penal code allows abortion only when it’s necessary, which is what I assume you’ve experienced in the clinics. This bill will expand on this penal code, stipulating that; incest, rape, defilement, fetal abnormalities and danger to mental and physical health of the female. Of course there are girls in Malawi who go there because they weren’t raped. But enacting a bill like this will expose such persons and due consequences will be implemented.

    6. Willes Bitoni the people that make these laws aren’t stupid. The church is protesting this as a it is viewed as a sin. But the main purpose of this bill is to reduce maternal mortality rate! That’s the big picture mate ! I agree that Malawi has a problem with teens getting pregnant from casual sex. That’s indeed a problem and you have a valid point.

  17. What does the word against means guys? Tizimvesa pofuna kulemba ma comment,why are u blaming Catholic church while they are against it?shame to all bad comments

  18. And Boma lamanga pakamwa,kusonyeza kuvomera ngati za ma gay zija,koma akunamatu kuphako ife ayi,zoti muliri utifikire kuposa apa ayi,Peter akuyenera kudziwa ngati avomereza izi adzakhumudwa zedi

  19. I Support The Catholic Stand!!! I’m Prepared To Support The Bill Only When Each Concerned Foetus Is Consulted And It Agrees!!! May The Relevant One Barbeque Anyone Who Supports This Criminal Act!!!

    1. Funny you support this hypocrisy by the Roman Catholic Church to stand firm against abortion when the practice is legal in Vatican. Before you hail the RC Church check facts. Abortion is allowed in Vatican the home of the Catholic Church world over. Check countries that allow abortion, Vatican is there

    2. Just For You To Reflect On: You Are Able To Make The Deplorable Comments On This Life And Death Issue Because You Were Permitted To Go Beyond The Foetus Stage!!! You May Be One Of Very Few People Who Attach Wisdom To Your Thoughts! Disgusting!!!

  20. Nkulu wake amapanga mamistake koma sananyanye ngati ameneyo ndipo kaya ngati amapempera ndikufunsa kwa mlungu kuti amthandize kusogolera mtundu wa Malawi cifukwa zikusonyeza kuti alibe maganizo ufuna nkope yamulungu kuti amthandize posogolera ziko la Malawi. Ku Dziko lodalira Chauta namalenga mu zintu zonse ngati Malawi tiri pamavuto kwambiri ndi msogoleri ameneyo.

  21. Abortion is happening in our nation and claiming countless innocent lives.
    The govt and church are different institutions.
    The govt is only trying to save innocent souls from unsafe practice and the church is somehow opposing unsafely.

    1. I Don’t Know How You Define Innocent!! Those Who Die Following An Abortion Can Not Claim To Be Innocent!!! They’ve Blood On Their Hands- You Get It? If Anything, My Take Is, Such People Deserve Such An Outcome Which Is A Result Of Their Choice To Kill!!!

    2. Well said but my worry is that we are good at weighing sin at an expense of other people’s lives danger.
      Somebody can abort to save her endangered life and still find heavenly mercy than a cashgater or witness falsehood.

    3. John Mkakeni Edward Chipeta by law a baby is of little use to the Nation. The mother pays taxes and is a contributing member of society innocent or not.

    4. John Mkakeni Edward Chipeta thats a narrow understanding of the bill. Have you ever thought of innocent young girls of 10, 11 to 16 years who are victims if defilement and fall pregnant? Are they guilty of being raped? Taimvetseni bill yo kaye

  22. Imagine u people , u want to ligalise abortion in our constitution if ur mother aborted u. Think twice , respect n praise God he protected u from such kind of evil called abartion.

  23. Nde uchitsilu Wa boma umenewo amasangalala ndkufakwaanthu akut kuchepetsa anthu mudziko ndalama zizibekabwino pumbavu zenu!

  24. Bomali zimene likuyamba sopano nzoopsa. Ndiye kwasala kuti muzatiuze bill yoti, wopha mzake asazengedwe mlandu Pena paliponse. zimene mwayamba apazi.

  25. Thanking u Bishops don’t axcpt this nonsense things,and iwo akuvomelezawo chipanda kubadwa akanapezeka pa dziko pano,osamusiya Mulungu akhale Mulungu bwanji,kma mukumutenga Satana kumuyika patsogolo,,

  26. If ican see Malawi now is about to going to be a bad nation Roman catholic our Bishops please don’t stop accusing this bad behaviour please, Mutilakwisa ndipopereka ndemanga zathuka, because enafe we believe in Jesus Christ the son of living God. Where are you going Malawi now???? Eishhhh!! (NO) please.

  27. Nyasaland ndiye ameneyo, Ndalama Za Madonar Zija Zosatila Zake Kukhala Abortion Eeeeeeh Yehova atithandinzile patokha zitilaka izi.

  28. Thankyou our Bishops for standing against the bad bill, For so God he loved the world and he gave his begotten son who ever believe in him should not perish but have everlasting life John 3:16. So, what are those people they want to take our Malawi nation to??? Has!!!

  29. Abortion in English..chichewa chake, kupha mwana amene muyembekezera kuti abadwe…atakula adzatumikire pofalitsa uthenga wa Yahova…Namalenga..mwini zinthu zonse.

    1. Clive Chiudzu OBGYNs who are seeking lucrative business in abortion clinics have brain washed you. There is no benefit in this bill. Equally all the effort put in fighting to get this bill approved could’ve been employed in drilling our daughters in the need to avoid unwanted pregnancies because it is 100% possible.

    2. Clive Chiudzu just concentrate on teaching your daughter the benefits of abortion leave out our daughters. We’ll try to drill them in morals to avoid unwanted pregnancies.

    3. Clive Chiudzu just concentrate on teaching your daughter the benefits of abortion leave out our daughters. We’ll try to drill them in morals to avoid unwanted pregnancies.

  30. Sorry guys kubereka kumawawa pezani njira ina yochepesera vutoli eni ana sangakondwe kut aluze wawo wa moyo kamba koti wina akufuna kuchepetsa mimba zomwe zikungobwera ngat mvula , ngat zili choncho pitani naoni kuchipatala muzikawapezetsa kulera bora kwa amene anaberekapo kale chonde

    1. Gondwe you will only understand when someone close to you is involved. Imagine an 11 year old who was raped falling pregnant, imagine victims of rape and incest falling pregnant. The issue is whether it is legalised or not, it will continue to happen and unsafely. Women will continue to abort using unsafe means and unlicensed personel which put their lives at stake.

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