8 November 2016 Last updated at: 9:30 AM

Blaze, Ril B perform together, refuse to end feud over Mwini Zinthu

The wrangle between Malawian artists Blaze and Ril B seem to not be over yet as the two artists refused to speak on their fight over single Mwini Zinthu which won song of the year at the Urban Music Party on Sunday.


Mwini Zinthu song has caused a row between these two.

For the past months, there have been a verbal war between Ril B and Blaze over the ownership of the song Mwini Zinthu which is popular among Malawians.

Since its release there has been confusion on who owns the song as Blaze and Ril B have all been claiming ownership to the song.

But on Sunday night at UMP festival the two surprised fans when they came on stage to perform Mwini Zinthu together while holding each other and smiling.

When people saw this, they thought the artists have settled their disagreements.

However, when Malawi24 asked the two to comment on whether the UMP performance was the beginning of peace between them, they refused to confirm.

In his words, Blaze who went on stage to receive the award of the song said he cannot comment on the matter but people should have their own judgement on what they have seen.

Ril B’s response was also similar to Blaze’s.

“What Blaze has told you is enough because even me I have nothing to comment on the matter let people judge themselves,” said the Mzuzu based artist.

Meanwhile Ril B has released several songs including Chatha which is enjoying airplay on local radio stations while Blaze is concentrating on making several collaboration with other artists from local and international scene.

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