Two boys found dead in Mzimba


Villagers in Zombwe around Ekwendeni area in Mzimba were gripped with fear on Thursday after they found decomposed bodies of two teenagers in the area.

The bodies of the two were found in Filiwindi Hills in Zombwe and police said they are suspecting that the teenagers were killed.

ripAccording to the law enforcers, during morning hours on Thursday community members were shocked when they saw a dog carrying and eating a human foot.

The village headman then ordered his subjects to search Filiwindi Hills where the dog was seen coming from. The search began and deep inside the hill the community members found two dead bodies of male African boys aged between 13 and 15 years.

Villagers failed to identify the bodies and they reported the matter to Ekwendeni Police Post. Officers from the post went to the scene of the incident in the company of other officers from Mzuzu Police Station and medical personnel.

They found one body with fractures and the other with a wound on the right arm. Most parts of the bodies were intact apart from the legs of one of the victims which were missing.

Medical postmortem results indicated that deaths were due to multiple chest fractures and internal bleeding as well as assault.

Although the bodies were found in decomposed states, police said they still suspect foul play and will continue investigating the matter.



  1. Siku ndi siku kuma chitika zinthu zoti ukamaziva umakhala ngati ukulota masiku ano anthu saku wopa ku bala chimo satana ali pa ntchito yo so cheletsa wanthu ause mutendele alandileni ambuye mzalandileso ndiife tomwe?

  2. Kutha kwafika,masiku omaliza uku nkuyamba so much to come.

  3. Soka ndilakuti anawo anabadwila kudela loovuta kwambili LA Anthu opanda chisoni akafuna olo mabedi nzipatala amawola onse nankha si u simbweni ndiwomwe umawalamula RIP boys

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