DPP planning to ‘deal’ with Winiko 

Bon Kalindo

The anger by some DPP top brass over Kalindo’s ‘naked demonstrations’ against the murder and abductions of people with albinism is not yet over.

DPP mulanje south constituency parliamentarian Bon Kalando has expressed worries over acts of some top party officials who are mistreating him in the party.

Kalindo said since the time he walked naked in the capital city demonstrating against the killings of people living with albinism the party started sidelining him from the party’s activities saying he brought shame to the party.

In his words Kalindo said DPP has been conducting rallies in the district and particularly in his constituency but he was not consulted as the member of parliament and party member.

“It is true that the party conducted a rally in my constituency nut I was not there, not that I wanted not to attend the rally but they did not consult me I just heard the advert in the local radio stations and I was on the list as one of the guest to attend the rally as the venue was in my constituency,” said Kalindo.

Bon Kalindo
Kalindo: Still causing concern in DPP.

Asked if he consulted the party leadership to find out what the problem is, Kalindo admitted he talked to George chaponda but nothing has been done so far.

He continued to say that this is not what the president Peter Mutharika but some top officials in the party are behind all these.

“I am very sad because as you know I am also a comedian, for the past time I have been performing at the party’s rallies but know I don’t because some people are blocking me from participating from the party’s activities, he added.

Not only that, he also said that he is surprise with all that is happening in the party because the matter was resolved at the party’s disciplinary committee and he was told he is still the party member.

He mentioned Charles Mchacha the southern region DPP governor as one of the people who are trying to destroy his image.

Concluding on the matter Kalindo also known as Winiko said this is affecting him and the constituency and DPP should just fire him because he can not resign from the party because he is still the member of the party.



  1. The fact is that in Malawi we claim to have freedom while we’re still colonized by this DPP government, whereby no one is able to practice his /her freedom of speech… believe me, we still have dictatorship in our government

  2. Nde chofuna kumuphela winiko ndi chani? tikumbutsane kt pandale palibe m’dani wa muyaya.boma limapita ndipo limabwela lina.mupha anthu angati anthu inu?

  3. Vuto ndiinu amalawi simumva dpp mukuyidzi kuti ndi yamanyi nde mukuyivotelaso plz chonde tiyene tigwilane manja 2019 tisaveso dzina la dpp . Mutiphetsera winiko wanthu ife winiko timamukonda kuposa apita munthalakawo

  4. Boma la DPP Yalephera ku tsogolera amalawi ngat mwalema nalo dziko bweran poyera kut mtundu wa a Malawi udziwe chochita . DPP boma la zigawenga ,kuba komanso kuononga chuma cha mtundu wa a Malawi

  5. You want people to praise you like gods, NEVA, time is in now for pple to express their concerns. Knw for shuwa kuti u r forcing urself on the throne like some African readers! God is watching esssseessss!

  6. winikoyo angomusiya asalimbane maye chifukwa anawapha abambo achejefule pasidya apo nde amenewo awapha neh kkkkkk

  7. post iyi ndinayiona two months ago iyi.a malawi 24 ingonenani kuti munadana ndi mighty DPP.koma ma plan anu satheka.its just cheap propaganda u r playing here

    1. If all our wishes are realized life could have been easy. DPP has a chance to win in 2019. Don’t expect your wish only. I don’t see a strong party to compare with DPP as of today statistically. May be if they regroup in the near future.

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  9. 4 all those bad things u Dpp gays did still ur not sutisfied.4 all those killings on 20 may 2011’s demo still ur targeting ppo.kalindo did nothing kut mu dilenaye.Kapena tizit ur de ppo behind de killing of ppo with albinism?Tichitekukukumbani za chasowa?Ngat zirimphamvu zachuluka deal with ESCOM PPO NOT KALINDO THE WINIKO!

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  11. Let them do whatever they want,lucy enough the clock is ticking,dpp oficials they are cowards both, and this is not how democracy works,we malawians we are the victims of dpp, so its okay,dpp enjoy your cruel leadership while it last

  12. Zaziiii, should we say that DPP is happy with this behaviour of killing people with albnism?……Winiko did nothing wrong, what he was doing is to make sure that the goverment should do something very fast to protect the life of these innocent people, the situation was worse, so why do u hate him? Should we say that you are renspossible with the killing isn’t it? The world is watching, whatever will happen to winiko you will be renspossible.
    No wonder up to nw you are doing nothing to protect these peopl where is the justince? Show us the justince?

  13. MCP yazitibula izi Zimbava…zilibe nthawi kuti zikonze kulephera kukweza Chuma. Koma kuba, maboza ndi kupha komanso kudana ndi Anthu Akuchita zabwino ku Mtundu wa Malawi. Foolishiest Party with its lame leader who can’t speak any better!! A dipipi nonse ndithu ndinu ziselekwete !! Dziko Lakukanikani ngakhale munabela zisankho….FOOLISH ZANU !!

    1. Malume mwandilankhulira bwino,ineyo moyo umapweteka ndikamava za dpp,very stupid tangoganizan nkhani ya subsidy progm mpaka pano palibe amene walandira kuchedwetsa koseku akufuna adzagure anthu ochepa,chimanga akweza chosecho ndalamazo zinachokera kumabungwe kuti tidzagure ku admac pantengo wabwino,iwo apanga business,amenewa ndithu HAMAN MUST DIE!!.

    2. Ambuye mwandiyankhulira bwino inenso dxina la mcp limandipweteka kwambiri ndikaganiza nyakula eeeeeish mtimau kt phaphapha,timathawa ngati taba kapna tili dxiko laweni kma ayi ndithu lathu lathu ili zoopsya kwabasi,amenr mmayamikira chipani chimenechi mwina mwabadwa dzulo,kma ine nenatu ine munthu sangandiuze za mcp ndathamanga ine fisi ndi fisi olo asinthe tchire akhala fisi tisanyengeke kt poti democrancy,mudemocrancy momwemo mmakhala tinkhaza takafinyira

    3. Hmmm am much older than u…u are one of those people who don’t move with times !! Mudakali za dzana ? Learn and grow with times young boy. I suffered alot under MCP more than u…I know revolution, ur wasting ur time!!

    4. Hahahaha! I think one of you should strand for elections 2019,,, mukuoneka ndinu a2 ozitsata, Malawi Needs People like you Guys.

  14. Cant these Dipipi ple have something to do than this. Really. What profit are they going to get? If u dont want him expel him then move on. Until when u stop targeting individuals and start focusing on better things to develop Malawi. Stop this mary go round games. Put pple interest first. Yerrrrrrrrr!!! Yah ses!!! Hope u dont manufacture criminal charges against him like u always do.

  15. That’s why samamaliza ma term awo a dpp coz safuna kumva zowona from the ground koma kuma ministers ndima advisors omwe kwa iwo akuteteza ntchito yawo nde mwati anganene zoona kwa bwana

  16. Amati ukaziputa limba. Nanga ife titanipo apa? Stick to your guns and meet your fate, good (hero) or bad (zero). Every business makes profits or losses according to investment.

  17. ifeso takozeka kuchosa DPP pampando, ndibwino chakwera kapena atupele azalamule than Peter dog muthalika, Mr kalindo inu cool vote ndiyathuuuu,

    1. Usadzivute iwe so called,, #Jack.. Dpp ili muboma mpaka 2050,,ngati inakwanitsa kuwina isali muboma,,what about now,,ili mb’oma?? hahahah.. ndie Munthu umutchula bwanji galu? machende ako iwee

    2. Kunena tsogoleri wadziko kt galu ndiye kutukwanako,iwe ulemu ukufuna anthu akupatse pamene iweyo ukulephera kulemekeza mxako ndiye zoseketsatu kikikikiki

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