3 November 2016 Last updated at: 12:13 PM

DPP planning to ‘deal’ with Winiko 

The anger by some DPP top brass over Kalindo’s ‘naked demonstrations’ against the murder and abductions of people with albinism is not yet over.

DPP mulanje south constituency parliamentarian Bon Kalando has expressed worries over acts of some top party officials who are mistreating him in the party.

Kalindo said since the time he walked naked in the capital city demonstrating against the killings of people living with albinism the party started sidelining him from the party’s activities saying he brought shame to the party.

In his words Kalindo said DPP has been conducting rallies in the district and particularly in his constituency but he was not consulted as the member of parliament and party member.

“It is true that the party conducted a rally in my constituency nut I was not there, not that I wanted not to attend the rally but they did not consult me I just heard the advert in the local radio stations and I was on the list as one of the guest to attend the rally as the venue was in my constituency,” said Kalindo.

Bon Kalindo

Kalindo: Still causing concern in DPP.

Asked if he consulted the party leadership to find out what the problem is, Kalindo admitted he talked to George chaponda but nothing has been done so far.

He continued to say that this is not what the president Peter Mutharika but some top officials in the party are behind all these.

“I am very sad because as you know I am also a comedian, for the past time I have been performing at the party’s rallies but know I don’t because some people are blocking me from participating from the party’s activities, he added.

Not only that, he also said that he is surprise with all that is happening in the party because the matter was resolved at the party’s disciplinary committee and he was told he is still the party member.

He mentioned Charles Mchacha the southern region DPP governor as one of the people who are trying to destroy his image.

Concluding on the matter Kalindo also known as Winiko said this is affecting him and the constituency and DPP should just fire him because he can not resign from the party because he is still the member of the party.

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