3 November 2016 Last updated at: 12:17 PM

Taxi driver corners criminal

A taxi driver in Kasungu district on Monday took to police a thief who had hired the taxi in order to use it as a getaway car.

The suspect has been identified as 19 year-old Mabvuto Zimba. According to Kasungu Police deputy spokesperson Harry Namwaza, the suspect approached the driver to carry him to Gundani location in the district.

crime (2)But after closely looking at Zimba, the driver got suspicious of him and noticed that he wanted to use the car to get away.

With a quick decision racing through his mind, the driver agreed and sped off.

But instead of taking Zimba to his destination, the driver of the taxi drove straight to Kasungu Police Station.

He then locked the doors of his car and went to inform the officers on duty about the suspect.

After enquiries, police found out that Zimba had broken into a shop belonging to Dominic Moyo, 29 who runs a cosmetic shop within Kasungu market. Police has so far recovered some items which the owner has already identified.

Zimba has since been charged with Burglary and Theft contrary to Sections 309 and 278 of the Penal Code respectively and will appear before court soon to answer the charges.

The suspect hails from Yabwalo village, Traditional Authority Kaomba in Kasungu district.

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