1 November 2016 Last updated at: 1:57 PM

Martse, Malinga Mafia fire grenades

Enough is enough! Martse and Malinga Mafia are sick and tired of being victims of diss, as a new trending hit entitled Never unleashes it all.

The Lilongwe based MC Martse has teamed up with the dancehall mafia Malinga and magical kid Tsar Leo in a track that dropped on 26th October. The song, produced by BFB and Tricky Beats, has a lot to listen to while you enjoy the great production.

The controversial rapper has taken time to react to all those who diss him in the first and last of the song’s three verses.

While the Archaida boss took the second verse and Leo had only the chorus as his responsibility.

“Fact number one, Nyimbo zanga zonse ndi ma hit, tandikumbuseni Nyimbo yomwe ndinapalapo ine ndi yiti?” goes the opening part of the first verse by Martse. His words fall on a skillfully built instrumental which is mainly characterised by the drum.

He continues, “Kuyenda mu hood mwanu akulozerana kuti a Martse ndi awo, olimbana ndi Martse ukamuuze kuti izozo ndi zawo, Chikwati cha mtizi yako dzulo alowera mwano, nde basi choncho uziona ngati ine ndi size yako.”

Malinga Mafia

Malinga Mafia is a target.

The Mwano hitmaker is saying all his songs are hits that people can hardly single out a song on which he flopped. He also talks about his songs being a subject to dance during his rival’s aunt’s wedding.

On the chorus Tsar Leo sings, “You can never put me down, you can never put me under pressure, am just trying to double up the paper, am a reason why they are putting fake stuff, you can never put me down no no…”

Malinga has also killed all the negative minded people in a style that tells plenty exciting stories to his followers. He claims to be Malawi’s finest dancehall artist that he is the heir to his own throne. He adds that you cannot defeat him unless you kill him.

“Malawi dancehall is me, mpandowu palibe angandilande, instrumental kuipatsa mabwande, show yanga simaflopa olo Monday, Mafana Ali stranded, ndiwapasa ma lyrics akaphande, bubble gum music, dande, kutsitsa Sunday kudeleta Monday,” sounds part of Malinga’s verse.

Although the song does not have special targets, Martse and Malinga and have been subjects to personal attacks from fellow artists. The former is targeted in Avokado’s song called Zaugalu while the latter is the villain in Atotti Manje’s Real Deal.

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