Karonga based choir St. Ambrose cast their net wider

St. Ambrose Choir

St. Ambrose Joint Choir under the Anglican Church has set sights on spreading the gospel through music across the country and outside.  With a second album on their name, the choir launches a DVD on January 1 2017 and boast of receiving massive support four years after it was formed.

The 20 member choir has fallen to miscellaneous support from heavyweights Ndirande Anglican Voices Kafita CCAP nursery choir among others.

St. Ambrose Choir
St. Ambrose Choir: Has set sights on more projects.

In an interview, Innocent Mkwekeka, who is the group’s patron said the choir which is under the mentorship of priest in charge Reverend Connon Leslie Mtekateka  and Bishop Fanuel Magangani ahs plans to cast their net wider and spread God’s word to every corner of the world.

‘’Others are there for money not to preach the gospel. But for us we aim at preaching the gospel worldwide. And we are ready to go anywhere if people want us. This upcoming group needs your support in spiritual all corners of Malawi.’’ He said.

In their maiden project, an album titled, Funafuna Mbuye Wako, St Ambrose choir had pieces Palibe Mphavu, Dangerous times, Funafuna mbuye wako and Ifinja fwa nywaka enjoying an overwhelming airplay on local radios and falling to the voice cords of the gospel music loving fraternity.

The album  has also received a good reception in neighbouring Tanzania.

According to Mkweweka, Funafuna Mbuye Wako  album was recorded at drum sound studio by Martin both arranged by Denis Kalimbe in Blantyre.

Meanwhile, the choir have released a second album which is titled Mwini Zonse recorded at shalom studio in Lilongwe by Francis Chimasula.

It comprises of pieces like Mwini zonse, Tikondane Musuwileye, Msapha wathyoka, Anzeru eni eni Waseka makuto Kentiliyo Wamuyaya and Pa mtanda Pephera.

He says at the moment, they are behind the curtains preparing for the DVD launch which will be held on 1st January 2017 at Karonga Museum hall.

The group has had problems in having national wide public performances due to economic constraints, something which might be a matter of concern for the choir. They have since made a plea for support.

The choir parts on the back Kamuzu Barracks gospel singers, Thoko katimba, Ndirande Anglican Voices, Andy Seko, Farai Chazima Soko, Kabwiri church choir among others for the help they have rendered to them in their projects.

In the public, they have twice performed at Kafika CCAP and at Mzuzu Boma park at the Kamuzu Barracks  Gospel Singers show.