Coca-Cola Kuphaka Life heading to Lilongwe


The Coca-Cola Kuphaka Life 2016 edition reaches its highpoint this weekend with the last episode slated for Bunda College in Lilongwe on Saturday, 29 October.

Targeting the urban youth from the country’s major cities, the fanfare, bankrolled by Coca-Cola, started in the South on September 24th at Blantyre Sports Club before the second affair at Mzuzu University in the northern region on 8th October.

Shots from Kuphaka Life show in Mzuzu.

Just like the two previous events, the finale at Bunda will see teams competing in 5-aside soccer matches as well as other games including mila (flaye). The climax of the event will be live music performances by some of the country’s hottest musicians.

The lineup will have Home Grown African, Malinga Mafia, Sangie, Charisma & Donzo and Martse. Also special guests Floor Steppers and Salama Dance Crew will be gracing the stage in red and white.

Talumba Chirwa, the project coordinator, describes the 2016 Kuphaka Life as a graduation.

“I think the event has sufficiently matured and so has the entire organizing team and I believe we finally have a formula we can rely on. I am confident that we have a list of activities that will make Kuphaka Life a staple annual youth campaign in Malawi.

“We are thrilled at how we have focused on currently relevant artists as well as up and comers rather than veterans. It has kept the event fresh and exciting and we hope we will continue with that formula,” explains Chirwa.

Kuphaka Life was conceptualized in 2015 by Coca-Cola Malawi to interact with its consumers, mostly the youth. Last year’s edition stormed colleges but the 2016 series targeted Blantyre, Mzuzu and Lilongwe cities.

So far, two people from Blantyre and Mzuzu have won a year’s supply of Coca-Cola through the raffle draws conducted at Blantyre Sports Club and Mzuzu University. The third winner will be identified at the Bunda event this weekend.



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