Mutharika expresses shock over the death of conjoined twins


President Professor Arthur Peter Mutharika has expressed shock over the  death of conjoined twins before operations at Kamuzu Central Hospital (KCH) in the capital Lilongwe.

Speaking on Friday during a media briefing at Kamuzu Palace in the capital Lilongwe, Mutharika said he is deeply saddened with the death, saying he could have loved to see the children separated successfully.


However,the state president said he will investigate on what has happened for the beautiful children to have died sooner that it was expected.

The conjoined twins were scheduled for operation on Thursday morning but the surgery failed to take place because the twins died before they were operated which according to officials, the babies were struggling to breath due to lack of blood.

Meanwhile,President Professor Arthur Peter Mutharika has come out of his cocoon and admitted that he was suffering from rheumatism (Nyamakazi) when he was America.

The President’s remarks is contrary to what the Minister of Information and Communications Technology,Rev Malison Ndau who said Mutharika was in robust health.
Speaking during the same media briefing at Kamuzu Palace,Mutharika said he has a slight problem of nyamakazi (was rheumatic) with his shoulder which has been there for some time.

Mutharika said when he was coming from America his right arm was numb and was advised not to shake using his right hand.

“Its now 80 percent okay and am standing in 2019 as I will be around for quite a while since death has nothing to do with age,” said Mutharika.



  1. This hyena of a president is hypocritical! I think he is still sick, with the medicine still running in his brain! How can he be shocked when he himself runs to USA with a mere rheumatism? He said himself that the USA has better medical/health services but he couldn’t send the kid there!

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