Billy Mayaya granted bail after spending a day in police cell

Billy Mayaya

Renowned human rights activist Billy Mayaya has today been granted bail by the high court in Lilongwe after spending a day behind the bars.

Billy Mayaya
Mayaya: Granted bail.

Mayaya who was arrested on Tuesday for taking to the streets protesting on the persistent blackouts and water shortages that have hit major cities in the country, appeared in court today and pleaded for bail.

Presiding Magistrate in Lilongwe has ordered Mayaya and his two friends to pay bail bond amounting to 20 thousand kwacha each, and provide traceable and reliable sureties with 500 thousand kwacha each.

The activist has also been asked to surrender their travel documents to the central region police headquarters, and that they should be reporting to Lilongwe police every Tuesday at 9:00 in the morning.

Mayaya demonstrated despite his letter sicking confirmation to demonstrate on Tuesday hit the wall, following the advice from the Lilongwe city council and from the law enforcers.

Well-known human right activists  Bright Kampaundi, Mr Mtumodzi, Malawi Congress Party (MCP) spokesperson Jessie Kabwila were at the court.



  1. Osunga moyo wake autaya ndipo otaya moyo wake ausunga malembo akutelo MAYAYA osabwelelela mbuyo tilipambuyopanu MULUNGU Akudaliseni

  2. Koma a police ngati mutumidwa kwa a dpp muzafa muli amphawi ndinu zitsilu. Ndiamene muthandizira kuti a Malawi azivutika agalu inu

  3. If there are dry taps and intermittent power supply, who should we ask, why should we demonstrate? the rivers,dams,lakes are drying. haven’t pple seen this? from there know what to informed that recently, one health centre registered 75 births per wk.

  4. Go on Mayaya do not be intimidated by this politically motivated arrest.But be careful lest you see what saw Njaunju.As long as the Dpp is in power,i have all reasons to fear for the safety of lives.

  5. Sometimes i just wish if it were possible that all the vocal people were to form a politcal party, contest and win resoundingly. This would give them a chance to put into practice all their theories. Maybe everything would work out right for the country instantly. It’s just a wish, anyway.

  6. Apolisi omwe adanjata nkuluyi, iwowo mavuto a magetsi komanso madzi samawakhudza????

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