UNIMA woes : Expert worried over prolonged university closure

Benedeicto Kondowe

One of the country’s renown education experts has expressed disappointment over the prolonged closure of some public universities.

According to the education commentator, Benedicto Kondowe this is very dengerous to the country’s education sector.

Kondowe said the prolonged closure of these public universities has the potential of disturbing the academic calendar of the country.

Benedeicto Kondowe
Kondowe: We need change.

“In as far as organisation is concerned, this is a very worrisome development because it is negatively affecting the high education in the country which is the key to development of country.

With that everyone could expect that responsible agencies in the government to make necessary progress on the matter.” Said Kondowe.

The commentator further added that the matters leading to the closure of the public universities were just simple and could have been dealt with accordingly.

Up to date, the Malawi Polytechnic, Malawi College of Health Sciences, Mzuzu University and the Lilongwe University of Agriculture and Natural Resources (Luanar) are still closed.

Dates of their openings remain unknown.



  1. amatizunzad koma …university council kuli anthu ovuta kwambil…osamverana chisoni….Sometyms i wonder wer thiz guys got their degrees & diplomas…and the way they treat us (students) today its as if they all come/came from Rich Families and got educated somewhere, outside this poor country…( osat nthai ya Kamuzi ndia tcheya, fees yili yotchipa,,,,Loan ,,,food …allowance etc Provided )

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