PAC wants Ghambi to step down over nude video scandal

Vincent Ghambi

The Public Affairs Committee (PAC) has demanded the resignation of deputy defence minister Vincent Ghambi for being involved in a nude video scandal.

The video which is making rounds on social media, shows Ghambi exposing his private parts while dancing. However, this has not pleased PAC which has described the deputy minister’s conduct as shameful.

Vincent Ghambi
Fr. Peter Mulomole; his conduct was shameful

PAC spokesperson Father Peter Mulomole said the deputy minister needed to have respected himself considering the position he is having hence he should step down.

“For a person whom we call honourable, that is too shameful and that is crossing the line because him being on that position, he is supposed to be exemplary to his people.

“If it was in United States of America or Europe, that minister could automatically step down however this is Malawi anything can happen, but for me he need to step down because that is not being exemplary,” said Mulomole.

Reacting to the calls, presidential press secretary Mgeme Kalirani said President Peter Mutharika will only act on Ghambi if he receives a report on the issue.



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    1. Even the so called Lawyers are Law Breakers too. Zinakakhala kuti they are theLevites (the chosen priests by GOD) no, koma nanga a Ralph Kasambala alikuti pano?

      Stop making boundaries to other people’s circles.

  3. U tend to wonder like but who takes the nude videos of individuals in act? And u hear that some individuals can really take nude pics or videos of oneself and send it to their girl-freinds, concubines or blessees. That’s utterly madness, but then such individuals think that’s what classic or modern life style is. When such videos hit social medias they feign ignorance of the act. And in this day of technology the so called ur girl freind or blessee can arrange that a video be taken whilst making love. Later she blackmails u and demand money, u fail and the dirty video hits the public. Men should just be responsible enough. Such irresponsible behaviours do not only affect u, the shame affects the entire family. #beresponsiblemen

  4. So that was the plan all along,leaking the videos so you can find a reason to excuse yourself in trying to forge ahead with you political agendas?

  5. Baba Ghambi knw this, “Gods’ Time z the Best Time” no shortcuts 2prosperity, go back 2the drawin board which z the BIBLE

  6. It seems mzomwe amakonda kuchita pa free time yao as part of physico exercise especiary if he z not engagd wth office actvtez bt dea z no conection wth his rank, rememba its a game of anyone evin u aPAC kwakula mkusadzionetsera/kugwidwa so leave Ghambi alone! kkkkkkkk

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  8. Blackmailing,that’s edited video,why sendeza sister woman name not appear and she wasn’t there in a room even the number of the one who received is missing,the video graphic is poorly edited,fact is blackmail.

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  11. PAC jelasi basi mwawona mzanu anadalitsidwa ndi makina ovuta kwambiri, pano ndi ukoo, anaconda bambo mwayamba nsanje mwati atule pansi udindo. Anzanu atulutsa makina awo tonse tawona nanunso tulutsani anu tiwaone. Munthu akanyadira chuma chomwe alinacho ndiye kuti walakwa? Kikkkkk! Ndangodutsamo sindinathyole nkhwani, lol..

    1. Kkkkkkkkk koma verse lake lingakhale Psalms”keep your eyes simple” ndikupasani full details about this verse chifukwa mmnmmn nthawi yathano kkkkkkkk

    2. Don’t lie to yourself. Don’t be judgemental because God also will judge you. Pray for him. Did? he admit it was him

  12. Ayenera kutula pansi udindo kumene wochititsa manyazi munthu ameneyu sayenera kukhala deputy minister komanso mwapanga act very late

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