17 October 2016 Last updated at: 8:47 AM

PAC wants Ghambi to step down over nude video scandal

The Public Affairs Committee (PAC) has demanded the resignation of deputy defence minister Vincent Ghambi for being involved in a nude video scandal.

The video which is making rounds on social media, shows Ghambi exposing his private parts while dancing. However, this has not pleased PAC which has described the deputy minister’s conduct as shameful.

Vincent Ghambi

Fr. Peter Mulomole; his conduct was shameful

PAC spokesperson Father Peter Mulomole said the deputy minister needed to have respected himself considering the position he is having hence he should step down.

“For a person whom we call honourable, that is too shameful and that is crossing the line because him being on that position, he is supposed to be exemplary to his people.

“If it was in United States of America or Europe, that minister could automatically step down however this is Malawi anything can happen, but for me he need to step down because that is not being exemplary,” said Mulomole.

Reacting to the calls, presidential press secretary Mgeme Kalirani said President Peter Mutharika will only act on Ghambi if he receives a report on the issue.

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